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 Sri.K.M.Mani,Hon'ble Minister for Finance,Govt.of Kerala presenting the Kerala Budget for 2014-15 before the Kerala Legislative Assembly on 24th January 2014.


State Plan Schemes-Departmental figures;
Details called for 
All Heads of Departments and Plan Implementing Officers  are directed to furnish statement of actual expenditure(Departmental figures) incurred on State Plan Schemes during 2013-14 before 25/11/2014.For details view Circular No 99/2014/Fin Dated 15/11/2014

Ways & Means Clearance requests would be accepted only online with effect from 20/11/2014.View Circular No 100/2014/ Fin Dated 19/11/2014
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GPAI Scheme - Renewal for the year 2015-Instructions

Government have issued  instructions to all Heads of Departments and Drawing & Disbursing Officers for the renewal of the Group Personal Accident Insurance Scheme for the year 2015.For details view GO(P)No 507/2014/Fin Dated 17/11/2014
Realization of arrears in Revenue- Clarification issued
Government have clarified that all unconditional stay orders on revenue recovery and tax assessments stand vacated with effect from 19/09/2014.For details view GO(P)No.482/2014/Fin Dated 10/11/2014
Revision of Non-Tax Revenue-Further Instructions 
Government have issued further instructions to all Heads of Departments to be complied while revising the rate of items of Non-tax revenue.For details view DO. No.81272/RMC1/2014/Fin Dated 30/ 09/2014.
Revision of Non-Tax Revenue
Government  have revised the prevailing user charges / fees in all Government departments (other than educational fees/charges) with effect from 01/10/2014.For details view GO(P)No.409/2014/Fin Dated 23/09/2014
Enforcement of additional economy measures 
Government have ordered enforcement of additional economy measures for the control of non-development expenditure and for enhancing revenue realisation, for strict compliance with immediate effect.For details view GO(P)No.400 /2014/Fin Dated 19/09/2014
Realization of arrears in Revenue
Government have issued orders on the measures adopted  to realise the arrears of Revenue.For details view GO(P)No.399/2014/Fin Dated 19/09/2014

   Latest Decisions

State Plan Schemes 2014-15 Expenditure details 
Government have instructed all HoDs and Plan Implementing Officers to submit the details of expenditure on State plan  schemes for claiming central assistance latest by 31/01/2015.For details view Circular No 14/2015/Fin Dated 24/ 01/2015
Fund Release & Electronic Ledger Account System-Guidelines issued
Government have issued guidelines for fund release to Government Departments/PSUs/ Implementing Agencies and  introduced Electronic Ledger Account System(ELA) .For details view GO(P)No 48/2015/Fin Dated 23/01/2015.
Proposals for Final Batch of SDG 2014-15;  Instructions
 Government have issued instructions to submit  proposals for the final batch of Supplementary Demands for Grants 2014-15.For details view Circular No 12/2015/Fin Dated 17/01/2015
National Games Secretariat & DOCs;  Guidelines
Government have issued detailed guidelines to be followed by the National Games Secretariat(NGS)and District Organizing Committees(DOCs)in incurring expenditure in connection with 35th National Games.For details view Circular No.3327/2015 /Fin Dated 14/01/2015
Bill Discounting System-Detailed Guidelines
 Government have issued detailed guidelines on Bill Discounting System for making payment of pending bills in respect of Contractors through IOUs.For details view GO(P)No13/2015/Fin Dated 12/01/2015
Cost of Tender Form,EMD etc...Revised
Government have revised the cost of Tender Form,Earnest Money Deposit, Performance Security Deposit etc...For details view GO(P)No.03/2015/Fin Dated 05/01/ 2015
 Measures for accessing Financial markets for raising Funds
Government have issued orders on the measures for the  development of infrastructure of the state.For details view GO(P)No 583/ 2014/ Fin Dated 29/12/2014
Baalasanthwanam 2014- Introduced
 Government have introduced   "Baalasanthwanam-2014" for providing treatment assistance to the Cancer affected children undergoing treatment in Regional Cancer Centre.For details view GO(P)No.575/2014/Fin Dated 23/12 /2014
Deduction of Tax at Source-Instructions 
Government have issued instructions on the deduction of Income Tax from salaries during the financial year 2014-15 under section 192 of the Income Tax Act 1961.For details view Circular No 110/2014/Fin Dated 23/12/2014.
GPAIS- Extension of time limit for remittance
Government have extended the time limit for the deduction and remittance of premium for the year 2015.For details view GO(P)No 566/2014/Fin Dated 19/12/2014
Sale of Kerala Government Stock (Securities)
Government have notified the Sale of Kerala Government Stock (securities) of 10-year tenure for an aggregate amount of 300.00 Crore (Nominal). For details view/ download Notification No 108008/ SS1/2014/Fin Dated 19/12/ 2014
Supplementary Demands for Grants 2014-15
Download the Supplementary Demands for Grants of the State Government for the year 2014-15.SDG 2014-15
Kerala Public Expenditure Review Committee-Third  Report 
 Kerala Public Expenditure Review Committee has submitted the third report  for the year 2012-13.Download the Report 

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