The Public Expenditure Review Committees are formed under section 6 of the Kerala Fiscal Responsibility Act of 2003(Act 29 of 2003). The Kerala Fiscal Responsibility Act, 2003 envisages the submission of a Review report in December every year on the financial performance of the State during the previous year. The report should contain revenue receipts, resources from the Central Government, revenue expenditure, devolution to local self Governments, administrative expenditure, deficits (revenue, fiscal, primary), capital receipts and expenditure and various categories of debt and dimensions. Government of Kerala appoint committees called 'Public Expenditure Review Committee' for the purpose of preparation of Review reports.

Fourth Committee

Period 17.03.2017 -
Chairman Dr. Pinaki Chakraborthy
Members Prof.D Narayana, Dr.K Pushpangadhan, Prof.Padmini Swaminathan, Sri.R Mohan IRS(Rtd).
Reports First | Second | Third | Fourth

Third Committee

Period 25.04.2012 - 11.05.2016
Chairman Sri. B.A.Prakash
Members Dr. K.Pushpangadan, Dr. K.V.Joseph, Dr. Mary George, Dr. V. Nagarajan Naidu.
Reports First | Second | Third

Second Committee

Period 30.09.2008 - 02.10.2011
Chairman Sri.K.K.Subramanian
Members Dr. K. P. Kannan, Dr. Pinaki Chakraborthy.
Reports First | Second

First Committee

Period 25.11.2005 - 24.11.2007
Chairperson Dr. Indira Rajaraman
Members Dr. K. P. Kannan, Dr.N.J.Kurian.
Reports First | Second | Third