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10 ആം പെൻഷൻ പരിഷ്കരണം - പെൻഷൻ, ഗ്രാറ്റുവിറ്റി കുടിശ്ശിക - ഒന്നാം ഗഡു പലിശ നിർണ്ണയിക്കുന്നതിലെ അപാകത - സ്പഷ്ടീകരണം
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Instruction to DT
AICTE Pay arrear
DT Arrear merging with salary 20.1.2017.pdf
file icon DT UGC Arrear 22.4.2017hot!Tooltip 04/24/2017 Hits: 359
UGC arrear - Non-SPARK bill - Instructions
Instruction to DT--- PF,SLI, GIS Chalan & GPF NRA Closure
Disbursement of TA claim sanctioned under plan head - Reg.
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DT HR claims plan head BiMS
Disbursement of money to multiple accounts against a single TSB cheque - reg
TSB to Multiple Bank Accounts - Instructions
UGC Pay Revision arrears due to the college teachers and other eligible categories-Request for non SPARK bill
UGC Arrear Non SPARK bill.pdf
UGC Pay Revision arrears due to the college teachers and other eligible categories
Salary Arrear merging with Salary - clarification
Issues in SPARK for processing pay revision arrears, salary arrears in pre revised rate
SPARK bill for wages to employees engaged through Kudumbasree and permitting non SPARK bill for wages of employees engaged through Kexkon
Permitting manual bill for transfer of funds to Local Self Government Institutions through BAMS
Disbursement of wages to Plantation Labourers
UGC Pay Revision Arrears due to College Teachers and other eligible categories
Sabarimala Festival 2016-17 -  Drawal of advance from Treasury for Disbursing TA/DA to Medical officers
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