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G.O Number G.O Date 


 G.O (P) No.15/2004/Fin 08/01/2004

House Construction Advance to Government of Kerala Employees - Take over of housing loan availed from other Banks/Financial Institutions to the New House Construction Advance Scheme - Orders Issued 

 G.O (P) No.17/2004/Fin  08/01/2004

Economy in expenditure - Expenditure saving measures - Surrendering of excess vehicles - Further measures - Orders issued

 G.O (P) No.24/2004/Fin  09/01/2004

State Life Insurance Scheme - Enrolment of new entrants in the State Government Service - Amendment to Section 3.1 of Kerala State Life Insurance Rules 

 G.O (P) No.25/2004/Fin  12/01/2004

Kerala State Life Insurance Department - Extension of the State Life Insurance Scheme to the employees of Aided Schools/Private Colleges, Universities, City Corporations, Municipalities, Govt. owned Boards/ Corporations and other Public Sector Undertakings - Orders Issued 

 G.O (P) No.26/2004/Fin 12/01/2004

Extension of Group Insurance Scheme to the Employees of Aided Schools/ Colleges, Universities, Public Sector Undertakings and other Semi-Government Bodies - Orders Issued 

 G.O (P) No.43/2004/Fin  20/01/2004

Dearness Allowance - Arrears crediting to Provident Fund Account - Time limit - Extended - Orders Issued 

 G.O (P) No.48/2004/Fin  22/01/2004

Finance Department - Group Insurance Scheme - Reduction of rate of interest - Orders Issued 

 G.O (P) No.51/2004/Fin  22/01/2004

Local Self Government Institutions' Audit fee due to Government - Adjustment from Plan Grant? invoking para 19 (3) of Kerala Local Fund Audit Act, 1994 - Orders Issued 

 G.O (Ms) No.85/2004/Fin  13/02/2004

Jails Department - Delegation of powers - Enhancement of existing powers - Orders Issued 

 G.O (Ms) No.164/2004/Fin 27/03/2004

Pay Revision 1992 - Judiciary - High Court - Post of Assistant Registrar - Special Pay - Retrospective effect - Sanctioned - Orders issued

 G.O (P) No.193/2004/Fin  20/04/2004

Kerala Service Rules Part III - Service put in by Employees under Municipal Common Service/Panchayats/Universities prior to entry to Govt. Service and vice-versa - Reckoning for Pension - Modification - Orders Issued 

 G.O (P) No.296/2004/Fin  24/06/2004

Local Self Government Institutions - Devolution of Funds - Introduction of Bill System - Guidelines Issued - Modifications - Orders Issued 

 G.O (P)No.324/2004/Fin 12/07/2004

 Surrender of Earned Leave - Enhancement to Provisional Hand ETC.,Further orders issued

 G.O (P) No.367/2004/Fin  11/08/2004

Dearness Allowance - Arrears crediting to Provident Fund Account - Time limit extended - Orders issued 

 G.O (P) No.390/2004/Fin  25/08/2004

Allowance - Dearness Allowance/Dearness Relief to State Government Employees/ Pensioners with effect from 01/07/2002, 01/01/2003, and 01/07/2003 - Revision - Orders Issued 

 G.O (P) No.414/2004/Fin  14/09/2004

Ways and Means position of the State Government - Withdrawal of Funds - System of monthly ceiling of withdrawal of funds from Treasuries - Orders Issued 

Revised in G.O (P) No.497/06/Fin dated 13/12/2006 ->
 G.O (P) No.474/2004/Fin  12/10/2004

Tours - Foreign Tour of Government Officers and Employees and Directors of PSUs, Co-operatives and Autonomous Bodies for purposes other than studies and training - DA Rates revised - Orders - Issued 

  GO(Ms)No 487/2004/Fin
 16/10/2004 State Govt.guarantees on behalf of Public Sector Undertakings /other state organizations,cooperative bodies etc -levy and accounting of guarantee commission -modified  
 G.O (P)No.494/2004/Fin25/10/2004

T.A. Claims - Requirement of Counter Signature - Enlisting the Leader of Opposition and Chief Whip and Revising the List of Heads of Departments - Amendment of Note (1) Below Article 85 (a) of KFC Volume I

 G.O (P) No.516/2004/Fin  03/11/2004

Local Self Government Institutions - Devolution of Funds - Introduction of Bill System - Revised Guidelines Issued 



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