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 Name of the Wing/Section   
Functions/Duties of the Officer
Reporting to                 

Administration A


 Assistants  A1Establishment matters relating to gazetted officers of Finance Department of and above the rank of Section Officers (including Leave Surrender and Commuted Leave of Accounts Officers)
Section Officer

 A2Declaration of probation and confirmation in respect of Section Officers in Finance Department.  Preparation of Seniority list of Gazetted Officers and Seniority complaints.  OP files and other miscellaneous papers relating to gazetted officers, sanctioning of leave and surrender of Earned Leave in respect of gazetted officers of Finance Department.  Fixing the cadre strength of Section Officers.  Deputation of officers of and above the rank of Section officers, L.A. Interpolation
 A3Establishment matters relating to Assistants in Finance Department.
Declaration of probation in respect of Assistants in Finance Department.  Preparation of seniority list in respect of Assistants and seniority complaints.  OP files and other miscellaneous papers relating to Assistants.  Deputation of Assistants in Finance Department.  Sanctioning of leave and surrender of Earned leave in r/o Assistants.  Fixing of Cadre Strength of Assistants, L.A Interpolation

Administration B


 B1Establishment matters relating to Typist, Confidential Assistants/Personal Assistants, Drivers, Binders, Roneo Operators of Finance Department.
Section Officer
 B2Declaration of probation in respect of Office Superintendents, Typists, C.A, Drivers, Binders, Roneo Operators etc.Preparation of Seniority list in respect of Office Superintendent, Typists, Drivers, Binders, Roneo Operators, Compilers, etc.O.P files and other miscellaneous papers relating to these categories.Deputation of these categories and Deputation in respect of Peon, Attender & Clerical Assistant.Sanctioning of leave and surrender of Earned leave in respect of them. Fixation of cadre strength.L.A. Interpolation
 B3Establishment matters relating to Peons, Attenders, Clerical Assistants, Part time Sweepers in Finance Department
 B4Declaration of probation in respect of Peons in Finance Department.Preparation of seniority list in respect of Peons, Attenders and Clerical Assistants.Leave.Sanctioning of leave, Surrender of Earned leave in respect of these categories.Fixation of cadre strength.L.A Interpolation, Training 

Administration C


 C1Whole departmental works of National Savings Department and Establishment matters of employees of Finance (National Savings) Department, Establishment matters of Public Policy Research Institute.
Section Officer
 C2Matters relating to O/o the Chief Technical Examiner, Pension Papers of employees of Finance Department.
 C3Special recruitment of SC/ST and allied matters, Conference papers, LA Interpolations and other miscellaneous works related to this section. Nomination of officers to Price Fixation Committee, Arranging Assembly duties to Officers in Finance Department, etc, 

 Accounts A


 Cashier  A1 Section Officer
 Assistants A2Salary processing, preparation of bills for leave surrender, Terminal surrender, processing of bills for crediting DA arrears to provident Fund Accounts, dealing NLC, LPC, Salary Certificate in respect of Assistants, works in connection with the EPF contribution in respect of Asst. Executive Engineer, Finance (Inspection – Technical) Department
Section Officer
 A3Verification of Tour TA/Transfer TA Bills in respect of both Gazetted and Non Gazetted Officers of Finance Department, reconciliation of department figures with Treasury figures under the major head of accounts 2052 & regularisation of excess expenditure/savings.
 A4Salary processing, preparation of bills for leave surrender/processing of NLC, Salary certificate and crediting DA  arrears to General provident Fund Accounts etc., in respect of Typists, Confidential Assistants, Drivers, Clerical Assistants, Attenders and Roneo Operators. 
 A5Salary processing, preparation of bills for leave surrender, Terminal surrender, process to credit DA arrears to provident Fund Accounts, issuing of NLC, LPC in respect of Peons and Part time contingent employees of  Finance Department. Calculation of Income Tax and issuance of form 16 certificates to all the NGOs in Finance Department.
A6Preparation of miscellaneous Bills for PF, PF Closure, GIS, FBS, M/R, issuing Government Orders to adjust petrol advance, preparation of Bills for all purchase in Finance/DPC and all other miscellaneous works relating to this section. Miscellaneous papers including L.A. Interpolation 

 Accounts B


Rent of KSHB & SBTE Building,Accommodation & connected purchases and payments, maintenance,SLI, GIS – Enrolment & closuresFBS closurePayment of IT purchasesAC installation & related works,Travel charges to ODEPEC,Hospitality payments – Guest House, Mascot Hotel etc...
Journey sanction,Solar Installation,Purchase and distribution of Department Books,Audit File of AG
Payment of Electrical & civil works to Contractors,Construction of Conference Hall,Disposal of Recovery notices of loan dues,Allotment of Govt. Quarters,LTC- Payment,Facility to Fin(CTFM) – lunch quotations, telephone facilities, other amenities etc.
Section Officer
B2Maintenance, repair and purchase of department vehicles of Finance Department,Purchase of stores and office stationeries,Medical reimbursement to staff in Finance Department
Sanction and settlement of IFMA to staff in Finance Department,Allotment of vehicle to drivers appointed through PSC,Advance to the office of Secretaries, PSA, CTFM and Office Section
Payment of Supplyco Bunks for supplying fuel to department vehicles of Finance Department
Sanction of GPF advance like Temporary Advance & Non Refundable Advance,Conversion of TA into NRA,Closure of HCA, MCA & Marriage Loans,Admission and closure of GPF,Processing of application and sanction of House Building Advance,Releasing of security documents of HBA,Sanction for the Permission of purchase of movable and immovable properties,Processing of GPF a/c No. intimation & HBA broadsheet No. intimation by AG
Attendance monitoring,District Finance Inspection Squad's Fuel Advance, reimbursement, payment of wages, repair & maintenance of vehicles etc,Right to information,Assembly question,Miscellaneous papers relating to the section,Telephone Payments & ORT reimbursements
Electricity charges & water charges,Updating Telephone & PABX Numbers to Exchange,Installation and shifting of new telephone connections,Remuneration to D/W employees engaged in Finance Department,Sanctioning of fuel advance to drivers in Finance Department,Sanctioning newspaper allowance to Joint Secretaries and Additional Secretaries of Finance Department,Payment of coolie charges and other miscellaneous allowances,Reply to LA Questions and Right to Information Act 2005

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