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Tuesday, 31 December 2013 11:59
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 Circular No
  111/2014/Fin 30/12/2014House Building Advance Scheme to State Government Employees - Extension of date for encashment - HBA 5th batch allotment 2013-14 from Budget Provision 2014-15 - Instructions issued -reg 
  110/2014/Fin 23/12/2014Deduction of Tax at Source - Income Tax Deduction from Salaries during the Financial Year 2014-15 under Section 192 of the Income-Tax Act 1961 
  109/2014/Fin 20/12/2014Legal Metrology Department - Refunding of security deposits - Instructions issued 
  108/2014/Fin 18/12/2014
  107/2014/Fin 18/12/2014Medical Reimbursement Verification of Essentiality Certificate by Competent Authority - Specification of admissible amount - Instruction to Heads of Department
  106/2014/Fin 16/12/2014Implementation of National Pension System - Applicability of the Scheme - Clarifications - Issued 
  105/2014/Fin 11/12/2014
  104/2014/Fin 02/12/2014House Building Advance Scheme to State Government Employees - Extension of date of encashment - HBA 4th batch allotment 2013-14 from Budget Provision 2014-15 Instructions issued 
  103/2014/Fin 29/11/2014
  102/2014/Fin 28/11/2014Kerala Legislative Assembly - Forwarding of Answers to Assembly Questions through e-mail - Instructions 
  101/2014/Fin 19/11/2014XIII th Kerala Legislative Assembly - 12th Session - Calender 
 19/11/2014Submission of Ways and Means proposals through WAMS software
  99/2014/Fin 15/11/2014State Plan Schemes- Departmental figures of actual expenditure for 2013-14 furnishing of
  98/2014/Fin 13/11/2014
  97/2014/Fin 01/11/2014
  96/2014/Fin 31/10/2014Guidelines for submission of Local Market Rate (LMR) Justification - Modification
  95/2014/Fin 25/10/2014
  94/2014/Fin 21/10/2014Local Self Governments - Passing of bills which were not presented within 30-03-2014 - Clarification 
  92/2014/Fin 14/10/2014Referring files to the Chief Technical Examiner -Revised
  91/2014/Fin 13/10/2014National Pension System - Delay in registration of employees coming under NPS - Instructions 
  90/2014/Fin 08/10/2014Payment of pensionary benefits - Form of LC/NLC issued in Circular No 5/83/Fin  dated 09-02-1983 - Modified Orders issued 
  89/2014/Fin 08/10/2014Foreign Tour of Government Officers,Executives,Directors etc Instructions Issued
  88/2014/Fin 08/10/2014Bringing establishment claims of cheque drawing departments under bill system -Assigning Drawing and Disbursing Officer Power to the Assistant Engineers of PWD Electrical and Electronic Wing 
  87/2014/Fin 30/09/2014Implementation of e-Office in Kerala Government Secretariat - Instructions for sending files to Finance Department from Administrative Departments -Revised guidelines issued 
  86/2014/Fin 29/09/2014Availability of various Legislative Committee Reports on the official website of Legislative Assembly - reg. 
  85/2014/Fin 24/09/2014Special Development Fund for MLAs - Utilization of fund
  84/2014/Fin 23/09/2014
  83/2014/Fin 22/09/2014
  82/2014/Fin 18/09/2014

HBA Scheme to Govt.Employees Combined state wise seniority list

HBA Seniority List 2014-15

  81/2014/Fin 01/09/2014
  80/2014/Fin 30/08/2014 Streamlining the reporting of events /procedures in respect of Government Officials transferred to foreign service
  79/2014/Fin 28/08/2014Bringing establishment claims of cheque drawing departments under bill system of treasuries - Further directions issued 
  78/2014/Fin 27/08/2014Special Team from Treasury for the verification of SPARK data with details in Service Book - Instructions issued 
 23/08/2014Guidelines for the preparation of Performance Budgeting 
  76/2014/Fin 11/08/2014National Pension System - All India Service Officers working on deputation basis - Revised Instructions for submission of application for allotting PRAN 
 07/08/2014Budget Estimates 2015-16- Preparation of -Instructions
  72/2014/Fin 31/07/2014Group Insurance Scheme-Payment of Subscription -Instructions issued
  71/2014/Fin 24/07/2014
  70/2014/Fin 24/07/2014Income Tax deductions from the salary of Government Employees Instructions
  69/2014/Fin 22/07/2014
 16/07/2014Advance for the purchase of Mosquito Net and other conveyances -Statement of Allotment for 2014-15 - furnishing of
  66/2014/Fin 14/07/2014Local Government Institutions-Utilization of funds devolved details of expenditure and unspent balance
  65/2014/Fin 10/07/2014Audited accounts of company -forwarding of soft copy guidelines
  64/2014/Fin 24/06/2014Sanctioning of pensionary benefits - Instructions issued 
  63/2014/Fin 21/06/2014
  62/2014/Fin 21/06/2014Implementation of e-office - Submitting of Files - Directions issued 
  24151/Admn. A2/14/Fin
 19/06/2014Report of Transfer of Charges - Clarification issued 
  61/2014/Fin 19/06/2014Economy-Proposals for creation of posts-Approval of Finance Department
  60/2014/Fin 19/06/2014Implementation of e-office - Submitting of Files to Finance Department 
  59/2014/Fin 19/06/2014Implementation of e-office- Sending of documents to Finance Department 
  58/2014/Fin 07/06/2014Revision of pension/family pension in respect of those coming under UGC/AICTE/Medical Education Scheme - arrears on account of revision - Clarifications issued 
  57/2014/Fin 06/06/2014
  56/2014/Fin 06/06/2014Reckoning of prior service for pensionary benefits - Instructions Issued 
  54/2014/Fin 03/06/2014
  53/2014/Fin 31/05/2014
  52/2014/Fin 31/05/2014House building Advance Scheme to State Government Employees - Additional Loan from Recognized Financial Institutions - Directions to Financial Institutions 
  51/2014/Fin 29/05/2014National Pension System - Submission of PRAN applications to NSDL - Revised procedure
 27/05/2014Comptroller and Auditor General's  Report -Remedial measures taken statement
  49/2014/Fin 27/05/2014National Pension System - Delay in registration of employees coming under NPS -Instructions issued 
  48/2014/Fin 26/05/201413th Kerala Legislative Assembly - 11th Session (09-06-2014 to 17-07-2014) - Allotment of days 
  47/2014/Fin 26/05/2014Budget Estimates 2014-2015 - First Batch of Supplementary Demands for Grants (SDG) 2014-2015 - Proposals - Instructions issued 
  46/2014/Fin 26/05/2014
  45/2014/Fin 26/05/2014

Annual Plan 2014-15 - Functioning of Departmental Working Groups and Special working Group for approval of  Plan Schemes - Further Instructions

  44/2014/Fin 23/05/2014 House Building Advance Scheme - Online registration of HBA applications by Heads of departments and  Sanctioning Authorities 2014-15 - Instructions
  43/2014/Fin 17/05/2014

 Finalization of Finance Accounts and appropriation Accounts  2013-14-Instructions issued

List of pending certificates of departmental accounts

  41/2014/Fin 07/05/2014 Annual DPC 2014 Submission of Confidential Reports
  40/2014/Fin  06/05/2014
 E-office - Digitisation of files - willingness called for
  39/2014/Fin 30/04/2014 KSR - Cancellation of unavailed portion of Leave Without Allowance - Instructions
  38/2014/Fin 26/04/2014 Appropriation Accounts 2013-14 - Finalization - Instructions
  36/2014/Fin 16/04/2014
  35/2014/Fin 11/04/2014
  34/2014/Fin 28/03/2014 Treasury transactions - instructions modified
 27/03/2014 Implementation of e-office issue of email id and Digital Signature Certification to the staff of Finance Department
  32/2014/Fin 27/03/2014

 Budget Estimates 2014-15 Kerala Appropriation Act 2014(Act 11 of 2014)

 The Kerala Appropriation (Vote on Account) Act, 2014

  31/2014/Fin 27/04/2014 Measures to streamline liquidity position -Instructions
  30/2014/Fin 26/03/2014
 Introduction of TR 46(a) salary Bill form - Cheque drawing departments -details of deductions -Instructions
  28/2014/Fin 24/03/2014 Rushing of bills and drawal of advance towards the close of financial year Modified Instructions issued
  26/2014/Fin 19/03/2014 Implementation of e-office Issuing number to GOs/Circulars generated by eoffice
 17/03/2014Updation of data of employees in SPARK application - Time limit - Directions 
  24/2014/Fin 14/03/2014 National Pension System -Forwarding applications in respect of All India Service Officers directly to NSDL -Instructions issued
 13/03/2014 SPARK - Online submission of salary bills- Southern Districts of Kerala - Instructions 
 Expeditious settlement of pension claims -delay in submission of pension claims--Instructions

 General Election to Lok Sabha 2014- Model Code of Conduct-Instructions 


  20/2014/Fin 03/03/2014House Building Advance Scheme -Extension of date for encashment - Instructions 
  17/2014/Fin 22/02/2014Budget Estimates 2013-14 Final Appropriation/Resumption of funds -Instructions 
  16/14/Fin 21/02/2014Placing the entire General Insurance business of Public Sector Undertakings etc with Kerala State Insurance Department 
  15/2014/Fin 15/02/2014Treasury Transactions - Rushing of bills and drawal of advance towards the close of the financial year - Instructions 
  12/2014/Fin 14/02/2014Budget -2014-15 -Budget Documents - Distribution to the Heads of Departments- Instructions 
  11/2014/Fin 13/02/2014Committee on Official Language - II Report - Implementation of recommendations 
  10/2014/Fin 12/02/2014Pay Revision 2009- Requests for rectification of anomalies-Instructions issued 
  09/2014/Fin 11/02/2014Online submission of salary bills in Ernakulam District- Instructions
 10/02/2014 Inspection procedure - Instructions issued
  07/2014/Fin 06/02/2014National Pension Scheme - Adoption of National Pension System architecture - Role of Central Record Keeping Agency, Pension Fund Managers & Trustee Bank and allocation of PRAN 
  06/2014/Fin 04/02/2014Earth work and other level proposals using electronic levelling instruments - Maintaining level field book 
  05/2014/Fin 01/02/2014
  04/2014/Fin 17/01/2014State Plan Schemes 2013-14 - Claiming of Central Assistance - Statement of Expenditure called for
 10/01/2014Voluntary Retirement - Issuing sanction prior to the date of request in deserving cases 
  01/2014/Fin 08/01/2014XIIIth Kerala Legislative Assembly - 10th Session- Modified Calender
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