23 | 01 | 2019


                       Finance (Expenditure B) Department,Finance Main Hall,First Floor,Main Block,Govt.Secretariat

 Phone No 0471-2518953

  In order to improve and reform financial administration  in Government,powers have been delegated to Administrative Department,H eads of Departments and other subordinate officers in financial matters for facilitating expeditious decision making and for speedy implementation of schemes.

  Since delegation of financial power is a subject allotted to Finance Department as per Rules of Business,all administrative departments should forward proposals for delegation of financial powers of Heads of Departments and subordinate officers to Finance Department for concurrence with the recommendation of Empowered Committee(constituted as per GO(Ms)No 27/90/P&ARD Dated 17/08/1990,in which Secretary of Administrative Department as Convener and Secretary (P&ARD), Secretary(Finance)and concerned Head of Department as members).

   In the case of Administrative Departments and Heads of Departments,orders will be issued by Finance Department ,while in the case of other subordinate officers,orders will be issued by the Administrative Department with the concurrence of Finance Department                                                          See Circular No.8/94/Fin dated 31/01/1994 also.

   The delegation of Financial Powers of the Administrative Department and Heads of Departments ordered as per  GO(P)No 350/ 2008/Fin Dated 06/08/2008 has been revised with effect from 01/03/2013 and  is explained in  GO(P)No 110/2013/Fin Dated 01/03/ 2013

                                                                  GO(P)No 110/2013/Fin Dated 01/03/ 2013

 GO(P)No.506/2013/Fin Dated 05/10/2013

         For detailed reading view the following Annexures
 Annexure                                                     Description                                                                              Reference in the GO
 Annexure A             >>>   GO(P)No 656/2012/Fin Dated 01/12/2012            >>>        Item No (2) Annexure I       &     Item No (17) Annexure II
 Annexure B             >>>   Article 95 Kerala Financial Code Volume I         >>>        Item No (7) Annexure I
 Annexure C             >>>   GO(Ms)No 223/2012/Fin Dated  17/04/2012       >>>        Item No (10) Annexure I     &    Item No (2) Annexure II
 Annexure D             >>>   Circular No 25/2006/Fin Dated 01/06/2006        >>>        Item No (18) Annexure I 
 Annexure E             >>>   GO(Ms)No 110/1976/PWD Dated 10/05/1976    >>>        Item No (25) Annexure I      &    item No (11) Annexure II
 Annexure F             >>>   Article 300-303 & Article 161   KFC Volume I    >>>        Item No (26) Annexure I      &    Item No(10) Annexure II
 Annexure G            >>>   Rule 200, Article 35 & 36  KTC Volume I             >>>        Item No (34) Annexure I 
 Annexure H            >>>   Article 99 Kerala Financial Code  Volume I        >>>        Item No (35) Annexure I
 Annexure I              >>>   GO(P)No 224/2000/Fin Dated 27/01/2000           >>>        Item No (28) Annexure I       &     Item No(16) Annexure II
 Annexure J             >>>   GO(P)No 409/2006/Fin Dated 10/10/2006           >>>        Item No (21) Annexure I