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Sunday, 01 January 2012 19:09
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 Circular No Date
 28/12/2012 LAC ADF Procedure for issuing Administrative sanction Modified
  72/2012/Fin 17/12/2012 SPARK-Limiting the  login authorisation to competent authorities -directions
  71/2012/Fin 13/12/2012 Family Benefit Scheme-Strict observance of Rules
  70/2012/Fin 27/11/2012 XIIIth Kerala Legislative Assembly VIth Session Allotment of Days for answering questions by the Honb'le Chief Minister/Minister(Finance)
  69/2012/Fin 20/11/2012 Budget Estimates 2012-13 Allocation of Funds for Land Acquisition for Govt.purpose-Exemption from Letter of Credit System-Instructions issued
  68/2012/Fin 20/11/2012 HBA to State Government Employees-Extension of date for encashment-Instructions
  67/2012/Fin 15/11/2012 Dearness relief on pension to State Government Pensioners and Family Pensioners
  66/2012/Fin 15/11/2012 SPARK Limiting the authorisations -Directions issued
  65/2012/Fin 01/11/2012 SPARK-Implementation of SPARK in Cheque Drawing Departments-Instructions issued
  63/2012/Fin 17/10/2012Amount pending for reimbursement from Government of India under various Central Assistance Schemes-Instructions issued
  62/2012/Fin 16/10/2012 Completing the data entry and locking of fields in SPARK -Directions Issued
  61/2012/Fin 12/10/2012 Deduction of Tax at Source for the financial year 2012-13
  60/2012/Fin 12/10/2012 Loans advanced by the State Government -Rate of Interest and terms  and conditions -Revised
 06/10/2012Revision of pay and allowances in respect of employees of public sector undertakings,statutory corporations/boards,autonomous bodies ,development authorities ,grant in aid institutions,welfare funds boards etc-instructions
  57/2012/Fin 03/10/2012 TA Claims of Gazetted Officers -Defects/Deficiencies noticed in Audit Scrutiny - strict instructions -issued
 29/09/2012 Local Government Institutions-Utilization of funds devolved-details of expenditure and unspent balance -called for -revised
  55/2012/Fin 24/09/2012 Advance for the purchase of Mosquito net 7610-00-800-98 Allotment of funds 2012-13
  54/2012/Fin 24/09/2012 Advance for the purchase of other conveyance (Cycle advance)7610-00-203-99 distribution of funds 2012-13
  52/2012/Fin 15/09/2012 Special working group -meetings-invitation to the Divisional chiefs-further instructions
  51/2012/Fin 04/09/2012 System Improvement to fight corruption through better synergy between CAG and Vigilance Department
  50/2012/Fin 06/08/2012 HBA Combined Statewise Seniority list and Combined State Eligibility List Published
  49/2012/Fin 04/08/2012 Family pension for life to disabled sons/daughters of Government servants /pensioners-Issuance of Medical certificate -Instructions issued
  48/2012/Fin 01/08/2012 HBA Extension of time for encashment of HBA last batch of allotment 2011-12 from 2012-13 budget-instructions issued
 01/08/2012 Special Working Group - Invitation to Division Chiefs of State Planning Board as special invitees - instructions
 30/07/2012 Security Deposit-Release of part bills of works pledged as security deposit
 28/07/2012 Preparation of Budget Estimates 2013-14 - Instructions issued
  43/2012/Fin 24/07/2012 Non-Settlement /Delayed settlement of advances drawn by Govt.Officials -Recovery by way of deduction from the salary or RR proceedings -instructions issued
  42/2012/Fin 17/07/2012 Local Self Government Institutions-Utilization of Funds Devolved -Details of expenditure and unspent balance -called for
  41/2012/Fin 29/06/2012 Avoidance of delay in giving posting orders-Instructions
  40/2012/Fin 21/06/2012 Utilisation of Special Development Fund for MLAs-Guidelines -Compliance of - instructions issued
  39/2012/Fin 18/06/2012 Advance for the purchase of Mosquito Net and other Conveyance for 2012-13 statement of allotment called for
  38/2012/Fin 18/06/2012 Legislative Assembly -Answers to the Questions  reg
  37/2012/Fin 18/06/2012 Monitoring the file movement through IDEAS
  36/2012/Fin 16/06/2012 Publishing Circulars/Orders/Tender Notices in the website
 13/06/2012 Translation of Codes /Manuals etc to Malayalam
  33/2012/Fin 12/06/2012 Duplication in the drawal of DA arrears consequent on the issue of LPC -Noting of details of DA arrears in LPC
  32/2012/Fin 04/06/2012 Merger of Typist Senior Grade and Typist Selection Grade Fixation of pay Clarification
 02/06/2012 Annual Plan 2012-13 Incurring of Plan Expenditure -Avoidance of bunching of expenditure
 31/05/2012 Appropriation Accounts 2011-12 Finalisation  Instructions issued
  29/2012/Fin 31/05/2012 Budget Estimates 2012-13 First Batch of SDG 2012-13 proposals -Instructions issued
  28/2012/Fin 30/05/2012 House Building Advance Scheme to State Government Employees -Online registration of HBA applications by Heads of Departments and Sanctioning Authorities 2012-13
  27/2012/Fin 29/05/2012 XIII th Kerala Legislative Assembly Vth session Allotment of days for answering questions
  26/2012/Fin 29/05/2012 XIII th Kerala Legislative Assembly Vth Session Summoning
  25/2012/Fin 04/05/2012 Revision of Pay and Allowances in respect of employees of Public Sector Undertakings.. etc Instructions issued
  24/2012/Fin 03/05/2012 Budget Estimates 2012-13 Allocation of funds for Land Acquisition for Govt.purpose under the control of Revenue Dept
 24/04/2012 Pre-check bills in respect of Retired Gazetted Officer-Clarification 
  21/2012/Fin 04/04/2012 Annual Plan 2012-13 Functioning of Departmental Working Groups and Special working Group for approval of plan schemes -Further Instructions
  20/2012/Fin 31/03/2012 Budget 2012-13 Kerala Appropriation (Vote on Account Act 2012 (Act 2 of 2012)
  19/2012/Fin 30/03/2012 GIS-Revival /remittance of defaulted premia -Proposal for Government Sanction -Further instructions
  18/2012/Fin 29/03/2012 Annual Plan 2012-13 Functioning of Departmental working Groups and special working group for approval of Plan schemes-Further instructions
  17/2012/Fin 28/03/2012 Finalisation of the Appropriation Accounts and Finance Accounts 2011-12 -Instructions Issued
  16/2012/Fin 26/03/2012 Budget 2012-13 Budget Documents -Distribution to the Heads of Departments -Instructions
 Budget Estimates 2011-12 Re appropriation /Resumption of Funds -Finalisation of Grant -Instructions Issued
 14/2012/Fin 14/03/2012 HBA- Extension of time for the encashment of first and second batch allotments 2011-12
 13/2012/Fin 29/02/2012Treasury Transactions Drawal of Advance and rushing of bills during the close of the financial year-Avoidance of -Instructions issued
 22/02/2012 XIIIth Kerala Legislative Assembly - IVth session Allotment of days for answering questions by the Hon'ble Chief Minister /Minister(Finance)
 11/2012/Fin 22/02/2012
 Guidelines to be followed in forwarding answers to the Legislative Assembly members
 10/2012/Fin 21/02/2012 13 th Kerala Legislative Assembly -IVth Session-summoning
 09/2012/Fin 17/02/2012 Air Journeys of Government Secretaries-Official Journeys within the State-Sanction from competent authority-Clarification-reg.
 04/02/2012 HBA Extension of date for encashment
 06/2012/Fin 16/01/2012 Generating personal Registers through IDEAS
 05/2012/Fin   07/01/2012 Final Batch of Supplementary Demands for Grants 2011-12; Instructions
 06/01/2012 Complaints received through Finance Minister's Website-Followup Action
 03/2012/Fin 06/01/2012 Depositing Govt.money by PSUs /Autonomous Institutions in Treasuries-Modifications
 03/01/2012 Finalisation of Annual Accounts of Public Sector Undertakings- Instructions issued
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