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Fourth Floor,Canteen Complex,Government Secretariat,Thiruvananthapuram              

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      Finance Inspection(Non-Technical) Wing was constituted in Finance Department in 1964, vide G.O (P) No.723/64/PD dated 19/10/1964, to ensure that financial rules and procedures are scrupulously followed by the departmental officers. As per the above order, the Inspection Party will conduct surprise inspection of Government Offices and report to Government cases of irregularity, slackness or indifference shown by Heads of Departments or Offices in the matter of Financial control. The Inspection Party is empowered to scrutinise all files and registers relating to accounts, stores and other allied matters. They are also empowered to conduct physical verification of cash and stores wherever deemed necessary. The G.O directed all Heads of Departments and Offices to give the inspection staff necessary co-operation and facilities for the proper discharge of their functions. The Inspection Party will submit their reports to the Secretary to Government in the Finance Department who will decide the follow up action to be taken on the reports.

     As per G.O (MS) No.376/96/Fin dated 03/05/1996, the District Loan Reconciliation Squads attached to the Collectorates have been redesignated as District Finance Inspection Squads to function as District Units of the Inspection (Non Technical) Wing in Finance Department. The District Finance Inspection Squads are empowered to inspect District Offices, Public Sector Undertakings and Autonomous Bodies under their jurisdiction.

       In G.O (P) No.506/92/Fin dated 20/08/1992 all Administrative Departments were directed that on receipt of the enquiry reports of the Finance Inspection Wings (Technical & Non Technical) the Department concerned shall take action straightaway and report the nature of action taken (including whether the delinquents have been placed under suspension) to the Inspection Wing within a period of two weeks positively.

        In G.O (P) No.2981/98/Fin dated 25/11/1998, based on the Report of the Estimates Committee of the Legislature, all the Secretaries to Government and Heads of Departments were instructed to ensure the strict compliance of the directions issued in G.O (P) No.506/92/Fin dated 20/08/1992 and ordered that any lapse on this matter will be viewed seriously by Governement and department action will be initiated against them.

        In Circular No.56/FIW-G1/08/Fin dated 30/08/2008, all Principal Secretaries/Secretaries to Government and Heads of Departments were again instructed to review the Progress of action taken on inspection reports once in three months and report the outcome of such review to Finance (Inspection) Department. It was also directed to ensure that effective and timely follow up action is taken on the inspection reports of Finance Inspection Wing.


Finance (Inspection Wing - NT) Department, Govt. Secretariat,

Fourth Floor,Canteen Complex,Government Secretariat,Thiruvananthapuram 




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