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Wednesday, 05 January 2011 16:32

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Official Residential Telephone/Mobile Phone - Regularization of Excess Call Charges - Instruction - Reg.


Budget Estimate -2010-2011 - Final Batch of Supplementary Demands for Grants 2010-2011 - Proposals - Instructions issued.



click here to download Circular No.08/2010 [F.No.275/192/2009IT(B)] dated 13-12-2010
           and its Annexures
 08/PlgA2/2011/Fin 22/01/2011

State's Annual Plan - 2010-11 - Claiming of Central Assistance - Statement of Expenditure called for - reg

  09/11/(173)/Fin 24/01/2011Pay Revision 2004 - Irregular Payment of Allowances to Employees and Teachers - Further instructions issued.  

Outstanding balances in TSB & TP accounts in respect of Government Departments / Institutions - last date prescribed - Reg

TA Bills of Government Officers-Clarifications sought on audit scrutiny-Further instructions issued
Disbursement of Salaries and entitlements of the employees of all departments/Officers as per Codal Provision - Instructions issued.  
Treasury Transactions - Drawal of Advance and rushing of bills during the close of the financial year - Avoidance of - Instructions issued.  
Routing of files through IDEAS - Instructions issued  
  20/2011/Fin 11/03/2011Demands for Grants and detailed Budget Estimates 2010-11  
 15 22/2011/Fin 07/04/2011 Pay Revision 2009-Directions issued to Heads of Departments
Proper and speedy reconciliation of departmental figures-Specil Drive Programme for the clearing long pending figures upto 3/2009-Instructions issued -Reg
  1055/Accts B1/2011/Fin
 04/05/2011 Disposal of long pending Remarks Files  
Dearness Relief on pension to State Government Pensioners and Family Pensioners including those coming under UGC/AICTE/Medical Education Schemes and those drawing Dearness Relief at Central rates w.e.f. 01.01.2011  
Appropriation Accounts 2010-11 of Government of Kerala-Statement of Grant Fixation
House Building Advance Scheme to State Government Employees-Extension of date for submission of HBA application 2011-12-Instructions issued
  28/2011/Fin 21/05/2011 T A Ceiling on claims for attending Training  
Pay Revision 2009-Representations/requests for clarifications and rectifications of anomalies-Mode of submission-Instructions issued
13 th K L A first Session summoning 
State Public Sector Undertakings/Co-operative Societies/Autonomous Bodies/Other Institutions controlled by Government-Loans advanced by the State Government-Rate of Interest and terms and conditions-Revised-Instructions issued
Advance for the purchase of Mosquito Net and Other Conveyances for 2011-12-Statement of allotment called for
  33/2011/Fin 04/06/2011Strengthening the Internal Audit System in the State -Reviewed -Instructions issued  
  34/2011/Fin 07/06/2011 
13/06/2011XIIIth Kerala Legislative Assembly-Ist Session-Allotment of days for answering questions by Chief Minister/Minister(Finance) 
Sending copy of orders,circulars etc to Nodal Officer(website)for publishing in the web site  
  37/2011/Fin 24/06/2011Appropriation Accounts 2010-11-Finalization-Instructions issued  
 38/2011/Fin 27/06/2011 

House Building Advance Scheme to State Government Employees-Online registration of HBA applications 2011-12-Instructions issued 

  39/2011/Fin   08/07/2011 Defects noticed in the inputs on PF Matters -Instructions  
  54597/2011/Fin 13/07/2011Invitation of willingness from Secretariat Officers to function as guest faculty in the Training Centre of Finance Department  
 14/07/2011Advance for the purchase of mosquito net-Erratum
  42/2011(3)/Fin 15/07/2011Pay revision 2009-Pay Fixation of Part time contingent Employees-Clarifications issued
  43/2011(4)/Fin 16/07/2011Pay Revision 2009-Exercise of Option-Further Clarifications issued 
  44/2011/Fin 16/07/2011State Govt Guarantees on behalf of PSUs-State Organisations etc-Accounting, monitoring and remittance of guarantee commission-Registers and Statements to be furnished-Guidelines  
  45/2011/Fin 23/07/2011Creation of a database of employees working in Finance Department (DA/FA/FO/SFO)
  46/2011/Fin 23/07/2011Creation of a database of employees working in Finance Department (Employees up to Section Officers)
  47/2011/Fin 25/07/2011Digitization of Legislative Assembly Proceedings  
  48/2011/Fin 29/07/2011Revised Budget 2011-12 , Kerala Appropriation (Vote on Account No.2) Act ,2011 (Act N0.13 of 2011) 
  49/2011/Fin 01/08/2011Publishing of Orders/Circulars and other documents in the website 
  50/2011/Fin 02/08/2011Budget Estimates 2012-13 -Preparation of -Instructions issued  
  51/2011/Fin 02/008/2011 Non Utilisation of Central Assistance and furnishing Utilisation certificates to GOI 
  52/GMC2/2011/Fin 09/08/2011Loans and Advances to Public Sector Undertakings, Local Bodies, Corporations, Co-Operative Societies, Individuals etc- Monitoring of recovery- Instructions  
  53/2011/Fin 22/08/2011Local Self Government Institutions -Utilisation of Funds Devolved-Details of Expenditure and Unspent Balance-called for  
  54/2011/Fin 26/08/2011

  56/2011/Fin 31/08/2011Budget Estimates-2011-2012-First batch of Supplementary Demands for Grants (SDG) 2011-2012-Proposals-Instructions issued
  67879/Accts.B2 /2011/Fin  01/09/2011Finance Department-Sending Disposals to Records Section-Directions issued.
  69867/Accts.B1 /2011/Fin
  57/2011/Fin 07/09/2011

HBA -Combined State wise seniority list and Combined State wise Eligibility List -Published


Procedures to be followed for recovering charges/surcharges imposed by Director, Local Fund Audit 
  59/2011/fin 07/09/2011Procedures to be followed for the audit of institutions under Local Fund Act and inclusion of findings in the consolidated audit report
  60/2011/Fin 12/09/2011XIIIth Kerala Legislative Assembly-IInd Session-(26.09.2011 to 03.11.2011)-Allotment of days for answering questions by the Chief Minister/Minister(Finance) 
 24/09/2011Defacement of Currency Notes by writing - Compliance of the instructions issued by RBI 
 72947/IT-TD2/2011/Fin 26/09/2011Data Bank of Finance Secretariat Officers who are trained in Double/Company Accounts - Instructions for making use of their services.  
 27/09/2011Appointment of new Secretary (Finance)  
Spark implementation-Direction to use SPARK application promptly- Issued 
 29/09/2011 Advance for the purchase of Cycle Advance
 Purchase of Mosquito Net
 04/10/2011 Legislative Assembly -Sending Answers to interpellations  thorugh emailid  
  67/2011/Fin 12/10/2011Forwarding copies of Government Orders/Circulars to the Principal Accountant General (Audit) and Accountant General (A&E), Thiruvananthapuram - Instructions - Reg  
 68/2011/Fin 12/10/2011NPS for All India Service Officers (Kerala Cadre) recruited on or after 01.01.2004 - contribution to the fund - Instructions  issued. 
 69/Admin-A6/2011/Fin 13/10/2011Appointment of Chief Technical Examiner in the Finance Inspection Wing - Willingness - Called for.  
 14/10/2011Training Programme on Zero Base & Outcome Budgeting for Functional Executives at National Productivity Council, Jaipur
 Contribution towards EPF Scheme in PSUs/Autonomous Bodies/Grant in aid Institutions etc-Guidelines  
 22/10/2011Pay Revision 2009-Pay Fixation of part time contingent employees -clarifications  
 73/PSA/2011/Fin 22/10/2011 Processing of Assembly Questions - Instructions issued.  
  75/2011/Fin 29/10/2011Deduction of Tax at Source - Income Tax Deduction from Salaries Under Section 192 of the Income-Tax Act 1961, during the financial year 2011-12.  
  76/2011/Fin 31/10/2011Budget 2011-12 - Kerala Appropriation (No.2) Act,  2011 (Act No.15 of 2011) covering full budget for the financial year 2011-12 - Circular instructions - Reg. 
  6214/Admn.A6/2011/Fin 08/11/2011Filling up the posts of Technical Personnel in Finance (Inspection - Technical Wing) Department - Deputation - Willingness called for - Issue of revised circular.
  78/2011/Fin 10/11/2011State Plan Schemes - Furnishing Departmental Figures of Actual Expenditure for 2010-2011  
 90505/Admin B2/11/Fin
Appointment to the post of Secretary, District Panchayat, Palakkad - Preparation of panel - Application invited - Reg 
HBA Scheme to State Government Employees - Extension of date for encashment of HBA first batch allotment  2011-12 - Instructions issued. 
  84/2011/Fin 02/12/2011House Building Advance Scheme to State Government Employees - HBA Combined State wise Eligibility List  2011-12 second batch. 
  85/2011/Fin 06/12/2011  
 12/12/2011 Child Care Allowance  to Women Employees Details called for
 27/12/2011 MLA SDF - Clarifications issued 
 30/12/2011 Advance for the purchase of other conveyance (Cycle advance)-Allotment of funds 2011-12
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