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Sl No.

G.O Number G.O Date 


 G.O (P) No.33/2006/Fin 19/01/2006

Local Self Government Institutions - Devolution of Funds - Bill System - Transaction from Banking Treasury - Remitting back of unutilised portion of money drawn - Amendment - Orders Issued 

 G.O (P) No.37/2006/Fin  21/01/2006

Public Services - Interim Relief to Family Pensioners of Part-time Contingent Employees - Sanctioned - Orders - Issued 

  GO(P) No 47/2006/Fin
 G.O (P) No.46/2006/Fin  28/01/2006

Budget Estimates 2005-06 - Maintenance Grant for Road and Non-Road Assets under the control of Local Self Government Institutions - Reclassification of Budget Provision and Accounts under the Major Head of Account '2515-Other Rural Development Programmes (Non -Plan), '2217-Urban Development (non-Plan) and '3054-Roads and Bridges (Non-Plan) - Orders Issued 

 G.O (P) No.93/2006/Fin  28/02/2006

DA Arrears - Crediting to Provident Fund Account - Time limit - Extended - Orders issued 

 G.O (P) No.145/2006/Fin       25/03/2006Revision of Pay and Allied Matters - Report of the 8th Pay Revision Commission - Accepted - Orders Issued
 G.O (P) No.177/2006/Fin  12/04/2006

Local Self Government Institutions - Allocation of Funds - Revised Guidelines - Issued 

 G.O (P) No.180/2006/Fin 18/04/2006

Pension - Revision of Pension and other related benefits consequent on revision of pay scales from 01/07/2004 - Orders Issued

 G.O (P) No.202/2006/Fin  05/05/2006

Rules - Travelling Allowance - Amendment to Rules in Kerala Service Rules - Part II 

 G.O (P) No. 244/2006/Fin 05/06/2006

Amendment of the Rules in Part III Of the Kerala Service Rules (S.R.O. No.445/2006)- Reg

 G.O (P) No.253/2006/Fin  08/06/2006  

Pension - Revision of Pension and other related benefits - Modifications - Orders Issued 

 GO(P) No.296/2006/Fin 
 14/07/2006Pay Revision 1997 and 2005 - High School Assistants appointed/promoted from the category of Primary School Teachers having  more than 10 years service in the Primary Section - Higher Grades by reckoning of Primary and High School service - Further Orders issued. 
 G.O (P) No.313/2006/Fin 27/07/2006

Public Services - Appointment of Daily Wages - Enhancement of Daily Wages in respect of Various Categories - Orders Issued.

  GO(P)No.331/2006/Fin 10/08/2006 Kerala Service(Eleventh amendment )Rules 2006
 G.O (P) No.355/2006/Fin  26/08/2006

DA Arrears - Crediting to Provident Fund Account - Time limit - Extended - Orders Issued 

 G.O (Rt) No.6992/2006/Fin 17/10/2006
 G.O (P) No.497/2006/Fin  13/12/2006

Ways and means position of the State - Withdrawal of funds - System of Monthly Ceiling on withdawal of funds - Discontinued - Orders Issued


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