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Tuesday, 02 February 2010 11:59


                                 SOFTWARE DIVISION  0471-2301981        SYSTEMS DIVISION  0471-2517146  

        Finance Department is the pioneer department in Kerala which promoted the use of Computers in governance in the State by establishing a Data Processing Centre in 1976. Most probably it is one of the initial landmarks in the very beginning of the use of Computer Technology for governance in Government not only in our state but in entire India. The Centre started functioning in association with Kerala University Computer Centre and using a TDC-316 computer. In 1977 Government sanctioned the implementation of a new procedure for improving expenditure control with the help of Data Processing Centre. This initiative started with the compilation of transactions of Police, Education and Medical Departments in 1977. In 1983 a separate building was constructed for the Government Data Processing Centre adjacent to the Kerala University Computer Centre. During 1983-1989 the Centre started compilation of all government receipts an payments under selected heads, daily cash flow report based on data from SBI and SBT, preparation of Money Order Pension schedules, preparation of DA tables, coordination of Treasury computerisation activities and data processing related to more departments like Economics & Statistics, KSIE, Industries etc. In 1994 the Centre started the computerised preparation of Revenue Budget and preparation of Revenue Budget, Demands for Grants and Debt Head Budget from 1995 onwards.

        Till the formation of Information Technology Department in 1998, Finance Department provided leadership  for implementing IT related initiatives. The initiatives like Wide Area Network project to connect the Government Offices in the Secretariat, Vikas Bhavan and Public Office etc were initiated by Finance Department during this period. 

     Finance is the first State Department that implemented the use of Computers down to Section level. The Web based Service and Pay Roll Administrative Repository was first implemented in Finance Department. A full fledged implementation of web based file tracking/monitoring system IDEAS was also carried out in Finance Department. Finance Department is among the pioneers who used Free and Open Source Software for the in house development and management of department websites in the state government. The prototype of the Website was launched on 14th November, 2007 using Joomla, a free software released under GNU/GPL license, and with the technical support of Kerala State IT Mission.  

     Later vide G.O (Ms) No.28/2008/ITD dated 26/07/2008, Government in IT Department has ordered to create IT Division in all Government Departments and PSUs to develop in-house technical manpower for implementing e-Governance applications. In this context,  Finance Department has additional requirements for such an IT Division to ensure quality expenditure in e-governance across the state, to capacitate District Finance Inspection Squads and Internal Audit Wings in this matter, coordinate the egovernance activities of its four line departments and also to capacitate the Finance Department personnel in the General Service. Accordingly in G.O (Ms) No.528/2009/Fin dated 25/11/2009 Government have constituted and IT Division in Finance Department by merging Data Processing Centre and Code Revision Section by renaming the existing posts without any post creation. The Finance IT Division has three units viz Training and Development Unit, Systems Unit and Software Unit. The Finance IT Division is headed by the Director (Information Systems). In G.O (Ms) No.06/2010/Fin dated 05/01/2010 government have ordered work distribution among the three units of the new Finance IT Division.




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