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Sunday, 11 January 2009 16:11

Sl No.

Circular Number Date


 1/2009/Fin 03/01/2009 Budget Estimates 2008-2009 - Final Batch of Supplementary Demands for Grants 2008-2009 - Proposals- Instructions issued  
 2/2009/Fin 05/01/2009

Pay Revision 2004 - Irregular Payment of HRA and other Allowances to Employees and Teachers - Further instructions issued

 3/2009/Fin 13/01/2009

Reconciliation of Departmental figures of expenditure with those in the books of Accounts of Accountant General during 2007-08 - instructions issued - Reg.


Dearness Relief on pension to State Government Pensioners and Family Pensioners including those coming under UGC/AICTE/Medical Education Schemes w.e.f 01/07/2008

 5/SS2/09/Fin 27/01/2009 Finance Department - Establishment - Online Submission of Annual Property Statement 2008 - Time Limit Extended - Reg.
 6/2009/Fin 02/02/2009 Finance (IAC) Department - Follow up action on PAC Report - pendancy clearance of Audit Paras - Instructions issued
 7/2009/Fin04/02/2009Errors/Omissions in the TA bills of persons drawing TA under the provisions of 'The Payment of Salaries and Allowances Act, 1951' - Instructions issued - modification - regarding:
 10/2009/Fin 12/02/2009State's Annual Plan - 2008-09 - Claiming of Central Assistance - Statement of Expenditure called for - reg
 11/2009/Fin 13/02/2009Projects financed from the Rural Infrastructure Development Fund of NABARD - Implementation of - further guidelines issued  
 12/Admn.A2/09/Fin 18/02/2009Finance Department - Establishment - Constitution of Supervisory Council on Intellectual Property (SCIP) and matters relating to IPR administration - Instruction from Law Department - Details called for  

HBA to Government Servants - Repayment of HBA instructions issued - Reg

 14/2009/Fin 24/02/2009

Delay in giving posting orders - Regularisation of waiting for posting - instructions issued -regarding

 15/2009/Fin 24/02/2009

State Government Guarantees on behalf of PSUs/ State sponsored bodies - Accounting, monitoring and remittance of Guarantee Commission - Guidelines issued.

 16/2009/Fin 26/02/2009Budget 2009-10 - Budget documents - Distribution to the Heads of Departments - Instructions - Issued
 17/2009/Fin 03/03/2009Reappropriation / Resumption 2008-09 of Government of Kerala - Finalisation of the grant - Instructions issued - reg.

Retention period of Disposals - Instructions issued - Reg

 19/2009/Fin 12/03/2009

Drawal of Advance by Departments and rush of bills during the close of the financial year-Regarding.


Committee on Papers Laid on the Table (2006-09)- General recommendations in the 2nd Report – Implementing the recommendation in the 7th para – Reg.

 21/2009/Fin 12/03/2009

General Provident Fund - updating of master data of General Provident Fund subscribers - instructions - Issued

 22/2009/Fin 13/03/2009

Pendancy and irregularities in reconciliation of Receipts and Expenditure - Instructions - Issued

 23/2009/Fin 13/03/2009 Local Fund Accounts Committee (2009-2011) - Implementation of the suggestions of the meeting held on 04/02/2009 
 25/2009/Fin 17/03/2009

Closure of unoperated Personal Deposit Accounts - Instructions - Issued

 26/2009/Fin 20/03/2009 

Divisional Accountants of Kerala General Service - Routing of files - Instructions issued.

 27/2009/Fin 25/03/2009

Local Self Government Institutions - Allocation and Drawal of Funds - Guidelines - Clarifications - Issued


Budget 2009-10 - Kerala Appropriation (Vote on Account) - Act.2009 (Act No.12 of 2009) - Reg

 29/2009/Fin 27/03/2009 

Works/Administrative Sanction - Guidelines - Reg

 30/2009/Fin 04/04/2009

Finalisation of Appropriation Accounts and Finance Accounts 2008-09 - Instructions issued - Reg

 31/2009/Fin 07/04/2009 Journeys outside the State and abroad by State Government Officers - Need to adherence to the stipulated procedures - Reiterated

Budget - Seeking of Supplementary Grants - Guidelines issued.

 33/2009/Fin 23/04/2009

Budget - Re-appropriation of funds - Observance of rules and procedures - instructions - Issued

 34/2009/Fin 30/04/2009

Finalization of Appropriation Accounts and Finance Accounts - Proper and speedy Reconciliation of figures for the financial year 2008-09 - Instructions issued - Reg.

 35/2009/Fin 04/05/2009

Plan Schemes - Working Group/ Special Working Group - Release of funds - Further concurrence of Finance Department - Clarification issued

 36/2009/Fin 05/05/2009

Appropriation Accounts 2008-09 of Government of Kerala - Statement of Grant Fixation - Reg.

 79690/Accts.B1/09/Fin 18/04/2009

Finance Department – SPARK- All Gazetted Officers in Finance Department to start using the software- Directions-Issued

 38/2009/Fin 07/05/2009

Excess expenditure on Voted Grants/Charged Appropriations - Notes explaining reasons for variations - Consolidation of notes of a particular Grant operated by multiple Departments - Modified procedure - Regarding

 39/2009/Fin 08/05/2009

21st Conference of State Finance Secretaries - Action points - Default in State Government Guaranteed (SLR) Bonds - Reg

 40/2009/Fin 11/05/2009

General Provident Fund - Distribution of Annual Accounts Statements applying e-initiative - reg

 41/2009/Fin 11/05/2009

GIS - Revival/remittance of defaulted premia - Proposals for Government sanction - Further instructions - Orders issued

 42/2009/Fin 11/05/2009

Disciplinary action against Government Servants - Continuing of/ initiating action after superannuation - Instructions issued

 43/2009/Fin 11/05/2009

Unification of date of retirement of Government Employees and Teachers - Submission of oension papers - Instructions - Issued - Reg.


Advance for the purchase of Mosquito net and other Conveyance - for 2009-2010 - Statement for allotment called for - Reg

 45/2009/Fin 28/05/2009

General Provident Fund - Arrear claims in the Pay Bills in excess of eligibility - Instructions issued - reg

See related Circular No.63/2000/Fin dated 4/12/2000
 46/2009/Fin 04/06/2009

Dearness Relief on Pension to State Government Pensioners and Family Pensioners including those coming under UGC/AICTE/Medical Education Schemes and those drawing Dearness Relief at Central rates w.e.f 01/01/2009

 47/2009/Fin 05/06/2009

Budget Estimates 2009-2010 - First Batch of Supplementary Demands for Grants (SDG) 2009-2010 - Proposals - Instructions issued

 48/2009/Fin 10/06/2009

XII th Kerala Legislative Assembly 0 11 th Session - Allotment of days for Answering questions by the Chief Minister /Minister (Finance) - Regarding

 49/2009/Fin 12/06/2009

Annual Plan 2009-10 - Plan expenditure - Guidelines or incurring Plan Expenditure during the current financial year - Instructions - issued

 50/2009/Fin 23/06/2009

Appropriation Accounts 2008-2009 - Finalisation - Instructions - Issued

 51/2009/Fin 24/06/2009
Secret Service Expenses - Meticulous and strict observance of rules - Instructions issued
 52/2009/Fin 04/07/2009

Audit scrutiny of sanctions issued in relaxation of Rules - Instructions - Issued

 53/2009/Fin 07/07/2009

Twelth Kerala Legislative Assembly - 4th report of the Committee on Papers laid on the table of the House (2006-09) - Recommendations - Delay in furnishing the comments of Principal Secretary (Finance) on audited accounts of State PSUs/Autonomous bodies etc. - Guidelines issued - reg.

 54/2009/Fin 06/07/2009

Speedy Disposal of Files / Fresh Receipts (Currents).

 55/2009/Fin 20/07/2009 

Write off/waiver of outstanding liabilities in respect of Government Employees who die-in-harness - Getting Concurrence of Finance Department -reg

 56/2009/Fin 20/07/2009 

Special Development Fund for MLAs - Utilization of the Fund for Total Electrification Programme - Clarification issued 

 57/2009/Fin 22/07/2009

Local Self Government Institutions of Utilisation of Funds Devolved - Details of Expenditure and Unspent Balance - Called for -Reg

 58/2009/Fin 23/07/2009 Furnishing of meeting notices and agenda notes for the Board Meetings well in advance - general instructions issuing - Regarding

Excess expenditure over voted grant/charged appropriation- Proper reconciliation by the departments-Instructions issued-Reg

Budget Estimates 2010-2011 - Preparation of - Instructions - Issued 

Recommendation of Committee on Public Accounts (2006-2008)-60th Report (Para 21)-Regularisation of excess over voted grants and charged Appropriation-Instructions issued.

Budget 2009-10 - Kerala Appropriation (No.2) Act 2009 (Act No.25 of 2009) - regarding 
 63/2009/Fin 03/08/2009 

Local Self Government Department - Sanctioning of 2008 SoR rates to the remaining part of the works that were commenced under agreement based on 2004 SoR and became standstill - Reg  


Regularisation of existing Casual Sweepers- Fixing of time limit- Further Instructions-Reg

 65/2009/Fin 06/08/2009 

General Provident Fund - Unification of Retirement Age - Subscription to the Fund and centralizing of admission to General Provident Fund - regarding.  


Finance Department - Estt - Implementation of Touch Screen KIOSK - Reg.


First batch of Supplementary Demand for Grants 2009-10 - Kerala Appropriation (No.3) Act 2009 (Act 14 of 2009) - Reg


Civil Suits/Writ Petitions filed by Serving/Retired Government Servants-Quoting of audit observations/objections of Accountant General in Orders issued by the Departmental Officers- Instructions issued. 


Projects financed form the Rural Infrastructure Development Fund (RIDF) of NABARD - Inbuilt provision towards cost of quality assurance as a component of project cost - Instructions issued


Reconciliation of Departmental figures in respect of Centrally Sponsored schemes with Principal Accountant General (Audit)- Instructions -Reg.


Implementation of recommendation of 87thReport of Committee on Public Accounts (2004-2006) - Procedure for sending vetted Notes on regularisation of excess expenditure to State Legislature - Modified Orders issued.


Special development fund for MLAs - Purchase of Automatic Milk Collection  Machines/Milk Testing Machines -Clarification issued


Depositing of Government Funds by State Public Sector Undertakings , Autonomous Institutions in Government Treasuries - Modification of Instructions  - Issued

Also see             circular No. 7/99/Fin dated 21/01/1999


Timely Reconciliation of Revenue Receipts and preparation of Realistic Budget Estimates of Revenue Receipts - Instructions Issued

 77/2009/Fin 07/09/2009Finance Department - Assembly Question - Taking of time bound action - Reg  

Illegal printing and usage of T.R.5 Receipt by Institution which receive Government money - Instructions issued


Unification of date of retirement - Creation of Supernumerary Post - Instructions issued


Authorisation of Additional Expenditure invoking Para 95 (3) of the Kerala Budget Manual - Proposals forwarding - Instructions issued - Reg 


Advance for the purchase of Mosquito Net 7610-00-800-98 distribution of funds 2009-10 - Reg.

 83/2009/Fin 25/09/2009

Advance for the purchase of other Conveyance 7610-00-203-99 distribution of funds 2009-10 - Reg


Pay Revision - 2004 - Modification to Rule 28A of Part I, Kerala Service Rules - Fixation of pay - Option - Instructions issued


Annual DPC 2009 (Kerala General Service in the Category of Financial Assistat & Finance Officers) - Submission of Confidential Report - Reg.

 87/2009/Fin 15/10/2009

State Plan Schemes - Departmental figures of actual expenditure for 2008-09 - Furnishing of - Reg


Reckoning of War/Military service for granting time bound Higher Grade in State Service  - Further clarification issued - Reg


Amount pending for reimbursement from Government of India under CSSs,ACA and EAPs - Instructions issued - Reg


Authorization of Annual increment to Gazetted Officers through separate Pay Slip - discontinuance - Reg


Special Development fund for MLAs - Implementation and monitoring of Schemes - Instructions issued.

 98/2009/Fin 04/12/2009

Re-introduction of HBA to Government Employees and Teachers Awareness Section - Reg

 99/2009/Fin  16/12/2009

Interruption in service - Reckoning as qualifying service for pension - instructions - issued 


Defects/deficiencies noticed in the inputs on Provident Fund matters received in the Office of Accountant General (A&E) from various Controlling Officers/Heads of Departments/Drawing and Disbursing Officers/Treasuries - Instructions -Isuued.


Budget Estimates -2009-2010-Final Batch of Supplementary Demands For Grants 2009-2010 - Proposals - Instructions issued. 


Government of Kerala - Asset Maintenance Fund - Processing of Proposals - Clarifications & Guidelines Issued - Reg


Re-introduction of HBA to Government Employees and Teachers - Time extension - Revised instructions -reg.


Pension - Details of officers who are due to retire from service - preparation and submission to Accountant General and Government - further instructions issued  

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