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Saturday, 17 November 2007 22:06

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G.O Number G.O Date 


 G.O (P) No.603/2007/Fin 22/12/2007 

Utilisation of Funds for Expansion and Development and Maintenance Expenditure (Road and Non-Road Assets) by Local Self Government Institutions - Deductions against unspent balance in the Account as on 31st March - Orders Issued 

 G.O (P) No.590/2007/Fin13/12/2007Establishment - Treasuries - Pay and allowances of December 2007 to Muslim employees - Early disbursement in connection with Bakrid - Sanctioned - Orders issued
See G.O (P) No.39/2008/Fin dated 14/01/2008 also 
 G.O (P) No.586/2007/Fin 13/12/2007

Sweeping and cleaning work in Government offices - Guidelines for regularisation of existing eligible casual sweepers and appointments against future arising vacancies of sweepers /cleaners and retention of part-time contingent sweepers in Government offices - Further clarifications - Orders Issued 

 G.O (P) No.584/2007/Fin 12/12/2007Proposals for creation of post of Part-time Sweeper - Calculation of Sweeping area - Guidelines - Further orders issued 
 G.O (P) No.583/2007/Fin11/12/2007Early Disbursement of pay and allowances of December 2007 and pension and family pension for January 2008 in connection with Christmas 
 G.O (P) No.582/2007/Fin11/12/2007

Kerala Service Rules - Rule 90A, 93 and 103 of Part I and Appendix VII - Monetary limits - Revised - Orders Issued 

 G.O (Ms) No.571/2007/Fin  29/11/2007

Kerala Treasury Code Volume - I - Disbursements of entitlements of Non-gazetted Employees through banks- Sanctioned - Orders Issued 

 G.O (P) No.569/2007/Fin 29/11/2007

Group Personal Accident Insurance Scheme to Government Employees and Teachers - Further Clarification - Orders Issued 

 G.O (P)  No.553/2007/Fin19/11/2007

Amendment of the Rules in Part III Of the Kerala Service Rules (S.R.O. No.970/2007)- Reg

 G.O (P)No.547/2007/Fin14/11/2007  Additional 6% DA Sanctioned from 01/01/2007           
 G.O (P) No.546/2007/Fin13/11/2007

Allowance-Dearness Allowance to   State Government Employees and to the Teachers Coming Under UGC/AICTE /Medical Education Schemes who have Retired/Will Be Retiring on or After 1/1/2007 And DR to Pensioners With Effect From 1.1.2007 - Revision-Orders Issued   

 G.O (P) No.542/2007/Fin12/11/2007 

Amendment of the Rules in Part III Of the Kerala Service Rules (S.R.O. No.936/2007)- Reg

 G.O (P) No. 541/2007/Fin12/11/2007

Amendment of the Rules in Part III Of the Kerala Service Rules (S.R.O. No.935/2007)- Reg

 G.O (P) No.538/2007/Fin09/11/2007Allowance-Dearness Allowance to   Teachers Etc Coming Under UGC/AICTE /Medical Education Schemes Retired/Will Be Retiring on or After 1/1/2007 And DR to Pensioners Coming Under Above Schemes With Effect From 1.1.2007 - Erratum-Orders Issued                                           

G.O (P) No.531/2007/Fin

05/11/2007Early release of 3% DA 
 G.O (Rt) No. 7910/2007/Fin. 01/11/2007 

Budget Estimates 2008-09 Demand No. XXXVIII – Irrigation-Modification to the Major/Minor head of account in the LMMH– Implementation of correction slip to – LMMH – Orders issued-  

 G.O (P) No.524/2007/Fin26/10/2007

KSRs Part-III - Amendment to Rule 113 and Rule 5 (iii) of Pension Commutation Rules - Modification - Orders Issued 

 G.O (P) No.519/2007/Fin 23/10/2007 DA Arrears-Crediting to PF Accounts - Time limit extended - Orders issued 
 G.O (P) No.518/2007/Fin 23/10/2007 

Allowance - DA to Teachers coming under UGC/AICTE Medical Education Scheme in the state service extended to the scientific staff of Kerala State Council for Science and Technology, Environment and its R&D Centres - Orders Issued 

 G.O (P) No.516/2007/Fin 23/10/2007

Economy Measures - Restoration of D.A and other Allowances to employees appointed provisionally between 16-01-2002 and 31-05-2003 through Employment Exchanges - Sanctioned - Orders Issued 

 G.O (P) No.515/2007/Fin   19/10/2007 KSR - Retrospective effect to promotions not involving change of duties - Benefit of arrears of pay and allowances - Revised orders issued
 G.O (P) No.472/2007/Fin03/10/2007 

RIDF Works - Contribution from Special Development Fund for M.L.A to Panchayat Raj Institutions for the payment of their share - Proceeds of Demand Drafts received from the District Collectors - Guidelines for Depositing and Payment - Orders Issued 

 G.O (P) No.408/2010/Fin 07/09/2007

Finance Department - Execution of works of Government through Agencies other than Public Works Department - Guidelines - Issued.

 G.O (P) No.395/2007/Fin 01/09/2007 

Allowance - Dearness Allowance to Teachers etc. coming under U.G.C/A.I.C.T.E/Medical Education schemes retired/will be retiring on or after 1-1-2007 and Dearness Relief to Pensioners coming under above schemes with effect from 01/01/2007-Revision-Orders Issued 

 G.O (P) No.391/2007/Fin31/08/2007

Grant of Child Adoption Leave for 135 days to Female Government Employees - Orders Issued 

Also see:
G.O (P) No.427/08/Fin dated 22/09/2008 
 G.O (P) No.388/2007/Fin25/08/2007 

Group Personal Accident Insurance Scheme to Government Employees and Teachers - Date of Commencement - Orders Issued

 G.O (P) No.387/2007/Fin24/08/2007 

Local Self Government Institutions - Devolution of Funds - Introduction of Bill System - Declaration of Implementing Officers as Drawing and Disbursing Officers - Orders Issued 

 G.O.(P) No.385/2007/Fin 24/08/2007  Group Insurance Scheme - Reclassification of Scales of Pay of Groups and Revision of Rate of Subscription - Orders Issued.  
 G.O (P) No.358/2007/Fin10/08/2007 

Interest Free Medical Advance to Government Employees - Modification to application form - Orders issued  

 G.O (P) No.336/2007/Fin 28/07/2007

Erratum isuued on the G.O (P) No.617/98/Fin dated 10/02/1998 - Reg

 G.O (P) No.333/2007/Fin 27/07/2007 

Allowance - Dearness Allowance/Dearness Relief to State Government Employees/Pensioners with effect from 01/01/2005, 01/07/2005, 01/01/2006 and 01/07/2006 in respect of those who are continuing in pre-revised scale of 1997 Pay Revision - Rates of DA/DR-Modification-Orders Issued 

 G.O (Ms) No.331/2007/Fin26/07/2007 

Finance Department - Enhancement of Financial Powers of District Judges and Chief Judicial Magistrates - Sanctioned - Orders Issued 

 G.O (P) No.303/2007/Fin  11/07/2007 

Finance Department - Delegation of Financial Powers to Chief Engineers of Public Works, Irrigation and Other Departments - Acceptance of Tender Excess and Sanction of Revised Estimate - Clarification and Modification - Orders Issued 

 G.O (P) No.298/2007/Fin11/07/2007 

State Public Sector Undertakings - TA/DA of Chief Executives, Employees, Chairman (Part-time/Full-time), Non-Official Directors of PSUs/ Statutory Boards etc - Revised Orders Issued. 

 G.O (P) No.296/2007/Fin10/07/2007

Travelling Allowance - Revision of T.A Ceiling of State Government Employees and Restoration of Incidental for air journeys - Sanctioned - Orders issued 

 G.O (P) No.283/2007/Fin29/06/2007 

Local Fund Audit Department - Administration Report for the year 2005-06 - Approved - Orders Issued 

 G.O (Ms) No.276/2007/Fin26/06/2007 

Establishment - Treasuries - Administration Report of the Department of Treasuries for the year 2005-06 - Approved - Orders Issued 

 G.O (P) No.275/2007/Fin26/06/2007 

General Provident Fund (Kerala) Rules - Withdrawal from the Fund - Revision of Upper Monetary Limit for various categories of Sanctioning Officers - Orders Issued 

Further orders in G.O (P) No.96/2008/Fin dated 23/02/2008
 G.O (Ms) No.274/2007/Fin26/06/2007 

Maintenance of Kerala Part-time Contingent Employees' Provident Fund (KPTCEPF) - Entrusting the work with Accountant General, Kerala - Orders Issued 

 G.O (P) No.251/2007/Fin15/06/2007 

Allowance-Dearness Allowance/Dearness Relief to Teachers etc coming under UGC/AICTE/Medical Education Schemes and Pensioners on UGC/AICTE/Medical Education Schemes in State Service with effect from 1-1-2005, 1-7-2005, 1-1-2006 and 1-7-2006 - Revision - Orders Issued 

 G.O (Ms) No.249/2007/Fin14/06/2007 

Government Commercial Departments/ Undertakings and Irrigation Schemes - Rate of interest on Capital outlay and Depreciation Reserve Funds for the year 2006-07 - Orders issued 

 G.O (P) No.236/2007/Fin 12/06/2007

Allowance - Dearness Allowance to State Government Employees retired/will be retiring on or after 01-01-2007 and Dearness Relief to Pensioners with effect from 01-01-2007 - Revision - Orders Issued 

 G.O (P) No.221/2007/Fin 29/05/2007 

Group Personal Accident Insurance Scheme to Government Employees and Teachers - Approved - Orders - Issued 

Please see the following Orders also

G.O (P) No.388/07/Fin dt 25.08.2007

G.O (P) No.569/07/Fin dt 29/11/2007

G.O (P) No.39/08/Fin dt 14/01/2008

G.O (P) No.57/2008/Fin dt 25/01/2008

G.O (P) No.64/2008/Fin dt 01/02/2008

 G.O (P) No.183/2007/Fin 05/05/2007

Family Benefit Scheme for Government Employees - Period of Subscription Enhanced - Orders Issued 

 G.O (P) No.171/2007/Fin  26/04/2007

Amendment to General Provident Fund (Kerala) Rules, 1964 - Minimum service for availing the Non Refundable Advance reduced from 15 yers to 10 years 

 G.O (P)No.158/2007/Fin 17/04/2007 

Enhancement of Daily Wages of Lab Assistants in Vocational Higher Secondary Education - Orders issued.

 G.O (P) No.148/2007/Fin 09/04/2007 

Allowance - DA/DR to State Government Employees/Pensioners with effect from 01/01/2005, 01/07/2005, 01/01/2006 and 01/07/2006 - Erratum - Orders issued 

 G.O (P) No.132/2007/Fin27/03/2007 

Payment of Dearness Allowance/Pay Revision Arrears to Part-time Contingent Employees in cash - Orders issued 

 G.O (P) No.120/2007/Fin 20/03/2007 

Allowance - Dearness Allowance/Dearness Relief to State Government Employees/ Pensioners with effect from 1.1.2005, 1.7.2005, 1.1.2006 and 1.7.2006 - Revision - Orders Issued 

 G.O (P) No.119/2007/Fin 20/03/2007 

State Public Sector Undetaking/Autonomous Institutions/Statutory Boards etc - Enhancement of Leave Surrender - Sanctioned - Orders Issued 

 G.O (P) No.97/2007/Fin06/03/2007 

Kerala State Insurance Department - Administration Report for the year 2003-2004 - Approved - Orders Issued

 G.O (P) No.94/2007/Fin05/03/2007

Amendment of the Rules in Part III Of the Kerala Service Rules (S.R.O. No.240/2007)- Reg

 G.O (Ms) No.92/2007/Fin05/03/2007 

Kerala State Insurance Department - State Life Insurance - Revision of pay ranges and monthly premium - Orders Issued 

 G.O (Ms) No.91/2007/Fin  05/03/2008

New House Construction Advance Scheme for State Government Employees in Association with Banks - Revised Interest - Sanctioned - Further Orders Issued

 G.O (P) No.90/2007/Fin02/03/2007

Inclusion of Notes under Rule 63 Part III, KSRs 

 G.O (P) No.84/2007/Fin01/03/2007 
 G.O (P) No.83/2007/Fin
Kerala Service (Eighth Amendment) Rules - 2007 - (Deletion of Sub rule C of Rule 23) - Part I KSRs
 G.O (P) No.81/2007/Fin28/02/2007 
 G.O (P) No.75/2007/Fin 27/02/2007 Amendment to Rule 86A, Part I, Kerala Service Rules  
 G.O (P) No.52/2007/Fin09/02/2007 

DA Arrears - Crediting to Provident Fund Account - Time limit - Extended - Orders Issued 

 G.O (P) No. 45/2007/Fin06/02/2007Erratum issed on  G.O (P) No. 38/2003/Fin dated 14/01/2007 -Reg 
 G.O (Ms) No.25/2007/Fin 19/01/2007

Use of Official Vehicle for personal purposes - clarification issued  







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