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Saturday, 30 April 2011 15:30
Pay Revision Order 2009 - GO(P)No.85/2011/Fin Dated 26/02/2011
Government  Order                            
 Date Subject
 1 GO(P)No.195/2011/(1)/Fin
 28/04/2011 Pay Revision 2009-Reckoning of prior service  for weightage
 2 GO(Ms)No.240/2011/(2)/Fin 24/05/2011
 Pay Revision 2009-Post of Garden Supervisor incorporated
 3 Circular No.42/2011/(3)/Fin
 15/07/2011 Pay Fixation of Part-time Contingent Employees-Clarifications issued
 4 Circular No.43/2011/(4)/Fin   16/07/2011 Exercise of Option-Clarification
 5 GO(P) No.327/2011/(5)/Fin
 03/08/2011 Drawal of City Compensatory Allowance-Kollam and Thrissur Corporations
 6 GO(Ms) No.328/2011/(6)/Fin
 03/08/2011 Insurance Medical Services Dept-Common Special Allowance to Medical Officers-Modification
  7 GO(P) No.339/2011/(7)/Fin
 09/08/2011 Secretariat Service-Scale of pay of the post of Attender in Finance Secretariat &  Legislature      Secretariat-Modification
 8 GO(P)No.354/2011/(8)/Fin 18/08/2011 Option-Time limit for exercising option-extended
 9 GO(P)No 359/2011/(9)/Fin
 22/08/2011 Post of Gunman and Security Guard in the Office of the Chief Secretary-Special Allowance
 10 GO(P)No 366/2011/(10)/Fin 26/08/2011 Scales of pay of various departments -erratum
 11 GO(P)No 367/2011/(11)/Fin 26/08/2011 General Education and Police Departments-Modification of footnote
 GO(P)No 368/2011/(12)/Fin
 26/08/2011 Lok Ayukta -Scale of pay of Typist Gr II and Duplicator Operator
 13 GO(P)No 374/2011/(13)/Fin
 29/08/2011 Reckoning prior service for weightage- Universities
 14 GO(Ms)No383/2011/(14)/Fin 
 12/09/2011 Industries & Commerce Department-Revision of Scale of Pay
 15 GO(P) No 413/2011/(15)/Fin
 01/10/2011Pay Revision  2009 - Option exercised on promotion in pre-revised scale under Rule 28 A Part I KSRs - Re-option - Orders issued
 GO(P)No.456/2011/(16)/Fin  19/10/2011Pay Revision 2009-Exercise of Option on promotion-Note below Para 7(3) Annexure II-Modification
 17 GO(Ms)No.457/2011/(17)/Fin  19/10/2011 Pay Revision 2009-Uniform Allowance-Erratum
 18 Circular No.72/2011/(18)/fin
 22/10/2011 Pay Revision 2009-Pay Fixation of part time contingent employees -clarifications
 19 GO(P)No.523/2011/(19)/Fin
 10/11/2011 Pay Revision 2009 - Principles of Option - Clause (f) and (g)  below Para 26 Annexure II - Modification - Orders issued.
 20 GO(Ms)No.524/2011/(20)/Fin 10/11/2011 Pay Revision 2009 - Secretariat Service - Scale of Pay of the post of Binder Grade II and Binder Grade I- Modified - Orders issued.
 21 GO(P)No.552/2011/(21)/Fin   18/11/2011 Pay Revision 2009-Modification of Designation of Veterinary Surgeons
 22 GO(Ms)No.553/2011(22)/Fin 18/112011 Pay Revision 2009-Scale of Pay of Chauffeur Gr II and Head Chauffeur and Uniform Allowance
 23 GO(Ms) No.567/2011/(23)/Fin
 23/11/2011 Pay Revision 2009 - Health Services Department - Medical Officers - Special Pay in pre-revised scale - Modification
 24 GO(Ms) No.568/2011/(24)/Fin
 23/11/2011Pay Revision 2009 - Insurance Medical Services Department - Medical Officers (Allopathy) - Special Pay in pre-revised scale - Modification
 25 GO(P)No.580/2011/ (25)/Fin 29/11/2011Pay Revision 2009;Public Health Laboratory-Scale of pay of Medical Officers-Modified
 26 GO(P)No 581/2011/(26)/Fin   29/11/2011Pay Revision 2009;Health Services Department-Designation of Medical Officers-Modified
 27 GO(P)No 582/2011/(27)/Fin   29/11/2011 Pay Revision 2009;Health Services Department-Pay and Allowances of Medical Officers -Modified
 28 GO(P)No.574/2011/(28)/ Fin    28/11/2011 Pay Revision 2009-State Govt.Employees working in New Delhi-Educational allowance-Guidelines
 29 GO(Ms) No.584/2011/(29)/Fin
 01/12/2011Pay Revision 2009 Health Services Department Medical Officers Special Allowance Included
 30 GO(Ms)No.585/2011/(30)/Fin   01/12/2011 Pay Revision 2009;Ayurveda Medical Education Department -Staff Nurse(Allopathy)scale of pay -Modified
 31 GO(P)No.596/2011/(31)/Fin   15/12/2011Pay Revision 2009-Rules for fixation of pay-Further Clarifications
 32 GO(Ms)No.614/2011/(32)/Fin
Pay Revision 2009-Office of the Advocate General -Common Category posts-Deleted
 33 GO(Ms)No.618/2011/(33)/Fin    21/12/2011Pay Revision 2009 Judiciary Department scale of pay of Deputy Nazir &Kannada Translator Modified
 34 GO(Ms)No.630/2011/(34)/Fin
 27/12/2011Pay Revision 2009-Police Department-Rectification of errors in foot note regarding ratio promotions
 35 GO(Ms)No.16/2012/(35)/Fin 07/01/2012Inclusion of posts and correction of scale of pay
 36 GO(Ms)No.17/2012/(36)/Fin 09/01/2012Pay Revision 2009-Health Services Department--Patient Employees-Scale of pay awarded
 37 GO(Ms)No.18/2012/(37)/Fin 09/01/2012Pay Revision 2009-Health Services Department-Public Health Wing and MCH wing -Pay & Allowances Modified
 38 GO(Ms)No.21/2012(38)/Fin
 10/01/2012Annex VI- Risk Allowance-Designation of posts below Chemical Examiner's Laboratory
 39 GO(P)No.40/2012/(39)/Fin 11/01/2012Universities-reckoning of prior Govt.Service for service weightage
 40 GO(Ms)No.53/2012/(40)/Fin  17/01/2012Pay Revision 2009 Panchayath Department-Ratio Based Higher grade to Sanitary Inspectors
 41 GO(Ms)No.66/2012/(41)/Fin
 21/01/2012Scale of pay of the post of Deputy Director,Tourism Information Office,New Delhi
 42 GO(Ms)No.69/2012/(42)/Fin 25/01/2012 Secretariat Service-Scale of pay of Duplicating Machine/Roneo    Operator
 43 GO(P)No.70/2012/(43)/Fin  
 Uniform Allowance-Erratum
 GO(Ms)No.84/2012/(44)/Fin 03/02/2012 Local Fund Audit Department-Modification of Designation
 45 GO(Ms)No.95/2012/(45)/Fin 07/02/2012 Pay Revision 2009 Scales of pay erratum
 46 GO(P)No.107/2012/(46)/Fin
 13/02/2012Pay Revision 2009- Factories and Boilers Department-scale of pay of Chemical Inspector-Modified
 47 GO(Ms)No.114/2012/(47)/Fin
 16/02/2012 Kerala Public Service Commission-Scale of pay of the post of Enquiry Officer-Modified
 48 GO(Ms)No 115/2012/(48)/Fin 16/02/2012Survey and Land Records  Department scale of pay of the post of Deputy Director(Senior grade)Modified
 49 GO(Ms)No 116/2012/(49)/Fin
 16/02/2012Tourism  Department scale of pay of AC mechanic -Modified
 50 GO(Ms)No 117/2012/(50)/Fin 16/02/2012Excise Department- Inclusion of post of Driver  in the schedule
 51 GO(Ms)No 118/2012/(51)/Fin
 16/02/2012Pay Revision 2009 Department of Prisons scale of pay of Assistant Jailor Grade II and Assistant Jailor Grade I Modified
 52 GO(Ms)No 119/2012/(52)/Fin
 16/02/2012Prisons Department-Welfare Officer Grade II &I Scale of pay modified
 53 GO(Ms)No.144/2012(53)/Fin  01/03/2012Pay Revision 2009-Printing Department-Examiner,stamp Manufactory -scale of pay -Modified
 54 GO(Ms)No.174/2012/(54)/Fin 24/03/2012Pay Revision 2009 -Sergeant in Common Category-Incorporation of foot note
 55 GO(Ms)No.175/2012/(55)/Fin 24/03/2012Pay Revision 2009-Medical Education Department-Limb fitting centre-Workshop Foreman/Foreman -scale of pay -Modified
 56 GO(Ms)No.176/2012/(56)/Fin 24/03/2012Pay Revision 2009-Permission to exercise Re-option on Pay Revision -sanctioned
 57 GO(Ms)No.178/2012/(57)/Fin
 24/03/2012Advocate General's Office -Higher Grade in the Ratio 1:1 to the post of Office Superintendent-sanctioned
 58 GO(Ms)No.181/2012/(58)/Fin
 24/03/2012Pay Revision 2009 State Archives Department-Editorial Assistant and UDC/Assistant Archivist Gr II-Scale of pay modified
 59 GO(P)No 191/2012/(59)/Fin   29/03/2012Pay Revision 2009 Compensatory Allowance Secretariat staff working in Record Section in Cellar -Modification
 60 GO(P)No.193/2012/(60)/Fin 29/03/2012Pay Revision 2009 Advocate General's Office-KPSC-Secretariat Services  Scales of Pay-rectification -Modified
 Pay Revision 2009 Advocate General's Office-KPSC-Secretariat Services  Scales of Pay-rectification -Modified  Clarification - Accountant General
 GO(Ms)No 194/2012/(61)/Fin  30/03/2012Pay Revision 2009 Health Services Department Risk allowance to staff under Leprosy Wing sanctioned
 62 GO(Ms)No 199/2012/(62)/Fin
Pay Revision 2009-Agriculture Department Tissue Culture Technician & Air Conditioning Mechanic -consolidated pay -Modified
 63 GO(Ms)No.200/2012/(63)/Fin 31/03/2012Pay Revision 2009 Legislature Secretariat Higher Grade in the ratio 1:1 to Personal Assistant
 64 GO(P)No 196/2012/(64)/Fin
 31/03/2012Fixation of scale of pay of High School Assistants/Headmasters-Clarified
 65 GO(Ms)No 203/2012/(65)/Fin
KPSC-Modified ratio between PA(HG)and PA
 66 GO(Ms)No 204/2012/(66)/Fin
 31/03/2012Legislature Sectt-Scale of Pay of the post of Binder Gr II and Duplicating Machine Operator
 67 GO(Ms)No 205/2012/(67)/Fin
Special Allowance-Modified
 68 GO(P)No.231/2012/(68)/Fin  19/04/2012Health Services Department -Medical Officers -Common Special Allowance-Discontinued
 69 GO(P)No 232/2012/(69)/Fin  20/04/2012 Legislature Secretariat-Scale of pay of the post of Deputy Librarian -Modified
 70 GO(P)No 248/2012/(70)/Fin 30/04/2012Technical Education Department-Scale of pay of Computer Programmer.Computer Programmer(HG) and System Analyst-Modified
 71 GO(P)No 257/2012/(71)/Fin
 02/05/2012State Government Employees working in New Delhi Allowance Guidelines
 72GO(P)No 258/2012/(72)/Fin 02/05/2012Fixation of scale of pay of HSA/HM Clarification
 73GO(P)No 259/2012/(73)/Fin  02/05/2012Pay Revision 2009-PARA 17 Annex III Modified
 74GO(Ms)No 260/2012/(74)/Fin  02/05/2012Secretariat Service PA/CA Special Pay -Modified
 75 GO(Ms)No 261/2012/(75)/Fin 03/05/2012Pay Revision 2009 Kerala Lok Ayukta Duplicator Operator deletion of the post from the department schedule
 76GO(Ms)No 279/2012/(76)/Fin  14/05/2012Medical Education Department-Health Educator -Scale of Pay -Modified
 77 GO(Ms)No 285/2012/(77)/Fin
 15/05/2012Pay Revision 2009-Printing Department-Controller of Forms- Scale of pay-Modification
 78 GO(Ms)No 286/2012/(78)/Fin
 Police Department Photographic Bureau-Scale of pay and risk allowance modified
 79GO(Ms)No 292/2012/(79)/Fin  
Medical Education Dept. -Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Dept. Prosthetic and Orthotic Engineer-Scale of pay
 80 GO(Ms)No 294/2012/(80)/Fin  22/05/2012Land Revenue Dept.Deputy Collector and Deputy Collector(SG)-Scale of Pay Modified
 81 GO(P)No 306/2012/(81)/Fin 28/05/2012Department schedule caption erratum
 82 GO(Ms)No 311/2012/(82)
 29/05/2012 Police Department Finger Print Bureau Scale of pay of the post of Tester Inspector(HG)Modified
 83 GO(Ms)No 315/2012/(83)/Fin  31/05/2012Secretariat Service CA/PA Special Pay modified
 84 GO(Ms)No 321/2012/(84)/Fin  04/06/2012Motor Cycle orderly-Scale of pay -Modified
 85 GO(Ms)No 322/2012/(85)/Fin 04/06/2012Pay Revision 2009 -Assigning Personal pay to Sri. K.Shaji,Naval Architect ,Directorate of Ports
 86 GO(Ms)No 326/2012/(86)/Fin  05/06/2012Public Health Laboratory-Scientific Officer -scale of pay
 87 Circular No 32/2012/(87)/Fin
 04/06/2012Pay revision 2009 Merger of Typist Senior Grade and Typist Selection Grade fixation of pay clarification
 88 GO(Ms)No 327/2012/(88)/Fin  04/06/2012Stationery Department-Assistant Store Keeper Scale of Pay -modified
 89 GO(Ms)No 328/2012/(89)/Fin  05/06/2012Higher rate of HRA to the employees of Nirmalagiri College reinstated
 90 GO(Ms)No 333/2012/(90)/Fin
 11/06/2012Pay Revision 2009 Tourism Department Special Allowance to Chauffeur and Head Chauffeur
 91 GO(P)No 336/2012/(91)/Fin
 12/06/2012Pay Revision 2009 Special Allowance Peons working as Night Watcher Modified
 92 GO(Ms)No.338/2012/(92)/Fin 13/06/2012Pay Revision 2009- Drugs Control Department-scale of pay of Sample Warden
 93 GO(Ms)No 342/2012/(93)/Fin
 15/06/2012 Pay Revision 2009 Universities Scale of pay of present incumbent holding the post of PRO Modified
 94 GO(Ms)No 345/2012/(94)/Fin
 20/06/2012 General Education Department -Scale of pay of the post of Assistant Super Check Officer -Modified
 95 GO(Ms)No 347/2012/(95)/Fin
 23/06/2012Pay  Revision 2009 - Tourism Department -Scale of pay-Modified
 96 GO(Ms)No 350/2012/(96)/Fin
 25/06/2012 Medical Education Department-Limb Fitting Centre-Cobbler Scale of pay-Modified
 97 GO(Ms)No 352/2012/(97)/Fin
  25/06/2012 Judiciary and Kerala State Transport Appellate Tribunal Departments-Modification of scale of pay
 98 GO(Ms)No 356/2012/(98)/Fin 29/06/2012 Pay Revision 2009 Department of Prisons-Scale of pay of Assistant Jailor Gr I/Equated Posts ,DIG(Prisons)and Uniform Allowance of Jail Employees -Modified
 99 GO(Ms)No 361/2012/(99)/Fin
 30/06/2012 Pay Revision 2009-Ground Water Department-Modification of foot note
 100 GO(P)No 375/2012/(100)/Fin
 04/07/2012 Pay Revision 2009 Health Services Department-Common Special  Allowances-Discontinued
 101 GO(Ms)No 391/2012/(101)/Fin
 10/07/2012Pay Revision 2009 Health Services Department-Commissionerate of Food Safety-Dy Director (PFA)Scale of pay -Modified
 102 GO(Ms)No 399/2012/(102)/Fin
 13/07/2012 Pay Revision 2009-Common pool Librarians-Modification of scale of pay-Orders issued
 103 GO(Ms)No 403/2012/(103)/Fin
 16/07/2012 Pay Revision 2009-Indian Systems of Medicine Department-PG Degree Allowance Sanctioned
 104 GO(Ms)No 406/2012/(104)/Fin 19/07/2012Pay Revision 2009 Commercial Taxes Department-Scale of pay modified orders issued
 105 GO(Ms)No.408/2012/(105)/Fin 21/07/2012Scale of pay of the posts of Research Assistant,Technical Assistant and Cartographer  in Soil Conservation Department-Modified
 106 GO(Ms)No 409/2012/(106)/Fin 21/07/2012Pay Revision 2009 Animal Husbandry Department -Additional Special Allowance -Modified
 107 GO(Ms)No 412/2012/(107)/Fin 23/07/2012Pay Revision 2009 Tourism Department-Chauffeur Grade I Scale of pay Modified
 108 GO(Ms)No 427/2012/(108)/Fin 30/07/2012 State Planning Board Chiefs of various divisions scale of pay modified
 109 GO(Ms)No 431/2012/(109)/Fin
 31/07/2012 Pay Revision 2009-Legislature Secretariat -Scale of pay of the post of Office Assistant -Modified
 110 GO(Ms)No 437/2012/(110)/Fin 03/08/2012 Medical Education Department - Nursing Assistant-scale of pay - modified
 111 GO(Ms)No 487/2012/(111)/Fin
 05/09/2012 Pay Revision 2009- Economics and Statistics Department-scale of pay -Modification
 112 GO(P)No.491/2012/(112)/Fin 10/09/2012 Pay Revision 2009 Rules for fixation of pay in the revised scale -Amendment to the clause of "service weightage"
 113 GO(P)No.522/2012/(113)/Fin 28/09/2012Notional fixation of pay to Higher Secondary School Principals in the Department of Higher Secondary Education -Sanctioned
 114 GO(Ms)No 534/2012/(114)/Fin 29/09/2012 Implementation of Career Advancement Scheme -Modification of scale of pay of certain categories included under this scheme-sanctioned
 115 GO(Ms)No 535/2012/(115)/Fin 29/09/2012 Implementation of Career Advancement scheme -Insurance Medical Service Department Incorporation of posts in the Department Schedule-Modification of scales of pay
 116 GO(P)No 536/2012/(116)/Fin 29/09/2012Career Advancement Scheme to directly recruited professionals in service
 117 GO(Ms)No.545/2012/(117)/Fin 08/10/2012 Assigning personal pay to Sri.K.K Govindan Nair,Director,Department of Sainik Welfare
 118 GO(Ms)No.599/2012/(118)/Fin 25/10/2012 Pay Revision 2009 Scale of pay of Language Expert in General Administration Department-Modified 


 09/11/2012 Pay Revision 2009- Universities- Scale of pay of Present incumbent holding the post of Security Officer CUSAT- Modified
 120 GO(P)No.631/2012/(120)/Fin 15/11/2012 Pay Revision 2009 Health Services Department-Pay and Allowances -Modified
 121 GO(Ms)No.632/2012/(121)/Fin 17/11/2012 Kerala State Land Use Board -Specialist(Hydrogeology)-scale of pay-modified
 122 GO(Ms)No 641/2012/(122)/Fin
 20/11/2012 Pay Revision 2009 Scale of pay of the post of Conference Hall Watchman in General Administration Department
 123 GO(Ms)No  677/2012/(123)/Fin
 12/12/2012 Secretariat service -post of  Roneo Operator (HG)-Deleted
 124 GO(Ms)No 689/2012/(124)/Fin 17/12/2012  Pay Revision 2009 University of Calicut Instrumentation Engineer -Department Schedule corrected
 125 GO(Ms)No 694/2012/(125)/Fin
 19/12/2012 Pay Revision 2009 revision of warm clothing Allowance
 126 GO(P)No 24/2013/(126)/Fin 10/01/2013 Rural Development Department-Modification of scale of pay 
 127GO(Ms)No 51/2013/(127)/Fin 
 25/01/2013 Pay Revision 2009-Divisional Accountant-Re designated
 128 GO(Ms)No.55/2013/(128)Fin 29/01/2013 Pay Revision 2009-Remuneration of part time Lecturers in Law /Journalism in Arts and Science Colleges
 129 GO(Ms)No.63/2013/(129)/Fin 02/02/2013 Treasury Department-Stamp Depot Officer-scale of pay-Modified
 130 GO(Ms)No 64/2013/(130)/Fin
 02/02/2013 The post of Assistant(Selection Grade)/Legal Assistant(Senior Grade/Auditor(Selection Grade))Re designation-Sanctioned
 131 GO(P)No 73/2013/(131)/Fin
 12/02/2013 Pay Revision 2009 Insurance Medical Services Department- Medical Officers(Allopathy)Modification of Pay and Allowances
 132 GO(Ms)No.82/2013/(132)/Fin 15/02/2013 Pay Revision 2009 Secretariat Scale of the post of Lift Supervisor-Modified
 133 GO(P)No 98/2013/(133)/Fin
 22/02/2013 Pay Revision 2009 Department of Prisons-Modification of scale of pay of Matron Gr. I and Matron Gr.II and Uniform Allowance to female jail staff sanctioned
 134 GO(Ms)No 104/2013/(134)/Fin
 27/02/2013 Pay Revision 2009 Health Department scales of pay modified
 135 GO(P)No 107/2013/(135)/Fin 28/02/2013 Pay Revision 2009 Dairy Development - Correction
 136 GO(Ms)No.108/2013/(136)Fin 01/03/2013 Pay Revision 2009 Health Services Department-Modification of scale of pay and granting of ratio based higher grade
 137 GO(P)No.109/2013/(137)/Fin 01/03/2013 Agriculture Department and Soil Conservation Department scale of pay and Ratio Higher Grade -Modified
 138 GO(Ms)No 120/2013(138)/Fin 04/03/2013 Re designation of post of LD Clerk and U D Clerk
 139 GO(Ms)No 123/2013/(139)/Fin
 05/03/2013 Pay Revision 2009 -Industrial Training Department-scale of pay of the posts of Junior Apprenticeship Advisor(Technical),Technical Assistant,Junior Apprenticeship Advisor(Catering)-Modified
 140 GO(P)No  126/2013/(140)/Fin 05/03/2013Medical Education Department Senior Scientific Assistant scale of pay Modified
 141 GO(Ms)No 128/2013/(141)/Fin
 06/03/2013 Pay Revision 2009 Animal Husbandry Department Risk Allowance Designation Modified
 142 GO(Ms)No 132/2013/(142)/Fin
 12/03/2013 Pay Revision 2009 Sri.V.Vijaya Kumar,Deputy Secretary in the office of Principal Secretary(Finance)-Special Allowance -Sanctioned
 143 GO(P)No.147/2013/(143)/Fin 02/04/2013 Pay Revision 2009 CUSAT Drivers Ratio Erratum Orders issued
 144 GO(P)No.153/2013/(144)/Fin 06/04/2013 Ex gratia Payment-Death while on duty -rate revised
 145 GO(P)No 158/2013/(145)/Fin
 06/04/2013 Dental Surgeons scale of pay modified
 146 GO(P)No 163/2013/(146)/Fin 10/04/2013 Pay Revision 2009 Secretariat Cellar Records Attender Compensatory Allowance Sanctioned
 147 GO(P)No 168/2013/(147)/Fin 11/04/2013 Pay Revision 2009- Education Department - Scale of Pay Modified
 148 GO(Ms)No 169/2013/(148)/Fin
 11/04/2013 Kerala Lok Ayukta- Stenographer and Record Keeper- Correction of scale of pay
 149 GO(Ms)No 171/2013/(149)/Fin


 Pay Revision 2009 High School Headmasters Notional Selection Grade Fixation further clarification
 150 GO(P)No 172/2013/(150)/Fin
 16/04/2013 Child Care Allowance to female Government Employees having mentally /physically challenged children sanctioned
 151 GO(Ms)No 179/2013/(151)/Fin
 18/04/2013 Pay Revision 2009 Health Services Department Pharmacists Ratio promotion modified

 GO(Ms)No 186/2013/(152)/Fin

 25/04/2013 Pay Revision 2009 Special Allowance Modification
 153 GO(Ms)No 188/2013/(153)/Fin 26/04/2013 Pay Revision 2009 Health Services Department Inclusion of the post of Food Analyst sanctioned
 154 GO(Ms)No 196/2013/(154)/Fin 29/04/2013 Pay Revision 2009 Cochin University of Science and Technology Modification of foot note orders issued
 155 GO(Ms)No 203/2013/(155)/Fin 02/05/2013 Animal Husbandry Department-Inclusion of Cinema  Operator cum driver
 156 GO(Ms)No 205/2013/(156)/Fin 04/05/2013 Advocate General's Office -Special Allowance -secret section work
 157 GO(Ms)No 222/2013/(157)/Fin
 15/05/2013 Pay Revision 2009 Special Allowance to the staff of General Administration Department (SC)Department - Office of the Chief Secretary- enhanced
 158 GO(Ms)No 225/2013/(158)/Fin
 16/05/2013 Pay Revision 2009 General Education Dept. Schools for the Handicapped Modification of scale of pay
 159 GO(Ms)No 228//2013/(159)/Fin 17/05/2013 Pay Revision 2009 Technical Education -Inclusion of the post of Head Cook and Assistant Cook
 160 GO(Ms)No 230/2013/(160)/Fin
 18/05/2013 Pay Revision 2009 Health Services Department Scale of Pay Modified
 161 GO(Ms)No 265/2013/(161)/Fin
 31/05/2013 Legislature Secretariat - Scale of pay of Lift Supervisor-Modified
 GO(Ms)No 267/2013/(162)/Fin
 Pay Revision 2009 Post of Driver - Ratio promotion -Modified
 163 GO(Ms)No 289/2013/(163)/Fin
 17/06/2013 Pay Revision 2009 Excise Department Post of Driver Ratio promotion Modified
 164 GO(Ms)No 304/2013/(164)/Fin
 29/06/2013 KPSC Scale of pay modified
 165 GO(Ms)No 309/2013/(165)/Fin
 03/7/2013 Medical Education Department Postmortem Allowance- enhanced
 166 GO(Ms)No 330/2013/(166)/Fin
 11/07/2013 Kannur University- Junior Librarian- Scale of pay-Modified
 168 GO(Ms)No 329/2013/(168)/Fin
 11/07/2013Police Department- 4th Time Bound Higher Grade to Civil Police Officer
 169 GO(Ms)No 349/2013/(169)/Fin
 17/07/2013 Collegiate Education - Scale of pay of Mechanic and Gasman- Modified
 170 GO(Ms)No 351/2013/(170)/Fin
 17/07/2013 Health Department -Scale of pay of Training Coordinator- Modified
 171 GO(Ms)No 360/2013/(171)/Fin
 24/07/2013 Child care Allowance to Female Government Employees having Mentally /Physically challenged Children Modification
 172 GO(Ms)No 367/2013/(172)/Fin
 27/07/2013 Pay Revision 2009 Extension of the benefit of Uniform Allowance to female Jail Staff
 173 GO(Ms)No 368/2013/(173)/Fin
 27/07/2013 Special Allowance to the staff of General Administration(SC) Department -Modified
 174 GO(Ms)No 370/2013/(174)/Fin
 29/07/2013 Career Advancement Scheme -Department of Soil Conversation Modification
 175 GO(Ms)No 381/2013/(175)/Fin
 05/08/2013 Special allowance to the personal staff-modified
 176 GO(Ms)No 383/2013/(176)/Fin
 07/08/2013 Pay Revision 2009 Special Allowance Modified
 177 GO(Ms)No 419/2013/(177)/Fin
 04/09/2013 Pay Revision 2009 Rule 26(c) under Annexure II of Pay Revision Order Modified
 178 GO(Ms) No 458/2013/(178)/Fin
 10/09/2013 Pay Revision 2009-Health Services Department-Incorporation of Category of Post and Modification of Scale of Pay
 179 GO(Ms)No 498/2013/(179)/Fin
 01/10/2013 Pay Revision 2009- Medical Education Department- Inclusion of posts
 180 GO(Ms) No 571/2013/(180)/Fin 21/11/2013
 181 GO (Ms) No 615/2013/(181)/Fin  17/12/2013 Pay Revision 2004 & 2009 - General Education Department - Incorporation of Posts and Scale of Pay
 182 GO(P) No 628/2013/(182)/Fin
 Pay Revision 2009 - Local Fund Audit Department - Modification of Scale of pay - Sanctioned
 183 GO(Ms) No 09/2014/(183)/Fin 07/01/2014 Pay Revision 2009-Technical Education Department-Modification of Scale of Pay- Sanctioned
 184 GO(Ms) No 32/2014/(184)/Fin
 21/01/2014 Pay Revision 2009- Health Services Department-Correction of Scale of Pay
 185 GO(Ms) No 35/2014/(185)/Fin
 23/01/2014Pay Revision 2009- Insurance Medical Services Department - Hospital Attendant Grade I and Hospital Attendant Grade II- Ratio Promotion - sanctioned 
 186 Circular No 10/2014/Fin
 12/02/2014 Pay Revision 2009- Requests for rectification of anomalies-Instructions issued
 187 GO(Ms) No 72/2014/(186)/Fin
 19/02/2014Pay Revision 2009 - General Education Department - DIET - Modification of scale of pay 
 188 GO(Ms) No 93/2014/(187)/Fin
 189 GO(P) No 184/2014/(188)/Fin
 190 GO(Ms) No 198/2014(189)/Fin
 28/05/2014Pay Revision 2009 - Police Department - 4th Time Bound Higher Grade - Extension of the benefit - Sanctioned 
 191 GO(P) No 200/2014/(190)/Fin
 30/05/2014Pay Revision 2004 & 2009 - Promotion from Time Bound Higher Grade to regular promotion posts - Clarification 
 192 GO(Ms) No 207/2014/(191)/Fin 04/06/2014House Rent Allowance admissible to the Staff of District Hospital, Kannur - Clarification 
 193 GO(Ms) No 216/14/(192)/Fin
 11/06/2014Pay Revision 2004 & 2009 - LD Clerks in Aided Schools - Third Time Bound Higher Grade in the Scale of Pay of Junior Superintendent - Modification 
 194 GO(Ms) No 224/2014/(193)/Fin
 17/06/2014Pay Revision 2009 - Additional Special Allowance admissible to the Personal Assistants of MLAs - Modified 
 195 GO(Ms) No 242/2014/(194)/Fin
 196 GO(P) No 259/2014/(195)/Fin
 03/07/2014Pay Revision 2009 - Classification of Government Employees - Modification 
 197 GO(Ms) No 283/2014/(196)/Fin
 15/07/2014Pay revision 2009 - Panchayat Department - Junior Bill Collector - Scale of pay - Corrected 
 198 GO(P) No 290/2014/(197)/Fin
 16/07/2014Pay Revision 1997, 2004, 2009 - Option facility in fixation of pay in the cadre of Headmaster of Primary and High School in the Senior Grade/Selection Grade of Teachers on notional basis 
 199 GO(Ms) No 345/2014/(198)/Fin 19/08/2014Pay revision 2009 - Career Advancement Scheme to directly recruited professionals in service - Clarification
 200 GO(Ms) No 352/2014/(199)/Fin
 21/08/2014Pay Revision 2009 - Technical Education - Extension of Conveyance and Special Allowance - Sanctioned 
 201 GO(Ms) No 416/2014/(200)/Fin
 25/09/2014Pay Revision 2009 - Information and Public Relations Department - Scale of Pay -Modified 
 202 GO(Ms) No 497-2014-(201)-Fin  12-11-14 
 203 GO(Ms) No 517/2014/(202)/Fin
 204 GO(Ms) No 2/2015/(203)/Fin
 GO(Ms) No 38/2015/(204)/Fin  17/01/2015 
 206  GO(Ms) No 39-2015-(205)-Fin 19-01-2015 
 207GO(Ms) No 114-2015-(206)-Fin
 208GO(Ms) No 117-2015-(207)-Fin
 209GO(Ms) No 118-2015-(208)-Fin  20-03-2015 
 211 GO(Ms) No 390-2015-(210)-Fin 07-09-2015
 212 GO(Ms) No 418-2015-(211)-Fin  19-09-2015 
 214 GO(Ms) No 86-2016-(213)-Fin 17-02-2016
 215 GO(Ms) No 197-2016-(214)-Fin 18-05-2016
 216 GO(P) No 78-2016-(215)-Fin 31-05-2016
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