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Friday, 11 December 2009 16:43

In G.O (P) No.555/2009/Fin dated 11/12/2009 Government have clarified that in those cases where the premium towards Group Personal Accident Insurance Scheme cannot be deducted in establishment/ salary bills, and where premium has not yet been remitted directly to National Insurance Company vide para 6 (v) of G.O (P) No.221/07/Fin dated 29/05/2007, the premium should invariably be remitted to the Drawing and Disbursing Officer where the lien of the employee is attached, through Form T.R. 5.

The Drawing and Disbursing Officer should remit the collection under Form T.R. 5 to the head of account 8658-Suspense Account 102 Suspense Account (civil), 88 – Group Personal Accident Insurance Fund with separate schedule in the Treasury. The Treasury Officer should forward this schedule also to the National Insurance Company along with other schedules.

In the case of employees of institutions other than Government Departments, such as Universities, Corporations etc., whose premium cannot be deducted in establishment/ salary bills, the existing procedure of remitting the premium directly to the National Insurance Company as stated in para 6 (v) of G.O (P) No.221/07/Fin dated 29/05/2007 will continue.

The Treasury Officers should also ensure that the Demand Draft for the amount so collected is delivered to the Divisional Office of National Insurance Company at Thiruvananthapuram on or before 31/12/2009.

As per G.O (P) No.508/09/Fin dated 16/11/2009 all Heads of Departments must ensure that all employees including employees on deputation and Leave Without Allowances are covered under the scheme.

Please download G.O (P) No.555/2009/Fin dated 11/12/2009 from here…


NEW...In G.O (P) No.508/2009/Fin dated 16/11/2009 Government have renewed the Group Personal Accident Insurance Scheme for employees.  

All Drawing and Disbursing Officers shall deduct the amount of premium of Rs.50/- per employee from all categories of employees included in the scheme from the salary for the month of November, 2009

In case of any spill over, the same should be recovered from the salary for December 2009 payable in the third week of December.

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