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      The Department of Treasuries with the Director of Treasuries as the Head of Department was formed on 01/08/1963 vide G.O (P) No.465/63/Fin dated 30/07/1963. Treasury is the 'Bank of the Government' doing all the payment & receipt transactions of Government. Treasury provides cash flow details to the Government and account details to the Accountant General.


      The Director of Treasuries is the Head of the Department. Below the Head Office, there are three Regional Deputy Directors, viz, Northern Region, Central Region and Southern Region. Below the regional level there are 23 District Treasuries, 174 Sub Treasuries, 10 District Stamp Depots and 12 One Man Treasuries.

  • Receipt of Government money.
  • Custody of Government money.

  • Transfer of Government money standing in Government account from place to place.

  • Withdrawal of money from Government account.

  • Acting as a banker in respect of funds of local bodies and similarly placed institutions who keep their funds with Treasury.

  • Maintenance of initial accounts, rendering of accounts to the Accountant General and other Departmental Offices.

  • Conducting Savings Bank transactions and maintenance of accounts relating to Treasury Savings Bank.

  • Payment of pensions relating to Civil, Military, Freedom Fighters and other States.

  • Issue of non- postal stamps.

  • Issue of Opium to licensees.

  • Issue of Local Fund Government Cheque Books and Pass Books.

  • Issue of vehicle tax licenses in respect of non-transport vehicles.

  • Payment of interest on Government Promissory notes.

  • Issue of Treasury Bill Books to the Departmental Officers.

  • Issue of Banderoles.

  • Maintenance of drawing officer wise accounts relating to Family Benefit Scheme

  • Keeping of election materials in safe custody at the time of Election and also the question papers cum answer sheets relating to various entrance examinations.

  • Keeping valuables of various Government department and Courts in safe custody.

  • As Primary Auditor
  • As Agent of Legislature
  • As an Accountant
  • As Tool of Budgetary Control
  • As Compiler and Statistician
  • As a Depository
  • As a Vendor
  • As Licensing authority for Motor Vehicles
  • As a Banker
  • As medium of Inter Department Adjustment