3rd Batch Allotmnt Fwd Last dt 28-2-19 Remaining will b Soon

Important Notice

1. GOVT.OF KERALA-HBA-Ph:0471 2518898/ 2322732-HBA only for Purchase/Construction of House/Flat -GO(P)505/09/fin-Applicants HoDs ve to see Cir.No.25/2016/fin - 35/2016/fin - 26/2017/fin as Instructions
2. Attested Copy of Building Permit is Sufficient in HBA refer Cir 26/2017/fin
3. HoD ve to signed Appendix 1(form 29), Appendix III,Form 37,DCRGC Declaration as per Cir 25/2016 35/2016 In case of Joint Loan Both HoD ve to signed on same Form 29 Appendix III Declaration


1.HBA Govt. Order(Print)No.505/09/Fin dt 12/11/09 View/Download
2.Hand Book Online Registration Help for HOD Office View/Download
3.CHECK LIST View/Download
4.വായ്പ എഴുതിത്തള്ള View/Download
5.HUDCO Housing Loan Interest Subsidy View/Download
6.എല്ലാ സര്‍ക്കുലറു View/Download
7.U C 2 yr PWD View/Download
8.മറ്റ് HBA ഉത്തരവുകള് View/Download
9.ഉത്തരവുകളും സര്‍ക View/Download
10.Head of Account HBA View/Download
12.2nd Mortgage View/Download
13.1st Batch HBA Encashment View/Download
14.കാണാവകാശം View/Download
15.Loanee leave Pvt employment View/Download
16.HBA for State Govt Emp- Aviling Bank Loan with Int View/Download

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