E-Office e-Office

e-Office aims to conduct office procedures electronically thereby transforming government offices to paperless offices and bringing about benefits of digital communication. It is a Digital Workplace Solution that comprises of various modules like File Management System (eFile)and Knowledge Management System (KMS).e-Office project was approved by the Kerala Government in August 2013 to automate file flow in all 42 departments at Kerala Government Secretariat.Finance is one of the departments which implemented e-office for the first time and migrated fully to e-Office within record time.

eFile is a workflow based system that replaces the existing manual handling of files with a more efficient electronic system. This system involves all stages, including the diarisation of inward letters, creation of files, making noting & referencing, preparation of draft for approval, issue of letter, movement of receipts and files and finally the archival of records. With this system, the movement of receipts and files becomes seamless and there is more transparency in the system since each and every action taken on a file is recorded electronically. eFiles can be easily searched and retrieved and actions on them can be taken instantly. They can also link to and reference relevant files, documents, rulings and decisions. This simplifies decision making, as all the required information is available at a single point.KMS manages large volume of documents that include Policies, Forms, Acts and Regulations, Circulars, Guidelines and Standards, Annual reports, Office orders, Office Memorandums and Manuals. This is a role based system that helps to upload, locate, search, view documents at individual level with the privileges applicable.e-Office Citizen Interface (http://eoffice.kerala.gov.in) e-Office Citizen Interface is created as a separate application with Read only access to e-Office database. It provides the facility to search for File/ Tapal and check its status. Also, Government Orders and Circulars can also be searched and viewed.

Official Website English - Malayalam

The Official Website of Finance Department is acknowledged as the most popular and informative website and has the record traffic of daily visitors. It supplies citizen with all daily major decisions promulgated from this department. The significance of this portal is that citizen can download attested and authenticated copies of Orders/Circulars etc from this website and thus saving the Government in the expenditure on printing considerably. This website in reality is a knowledge base of information and documents relating to Finance Department.

Legislative Assembly Constituency - Asset Development Fund LAC-ADS

This application automates the processs of Asset Development Scheme for Members of Legislative Assembly.

Bill Discounting System BDS

Electronic Ledger Account Monitoring System e-LAMS

The Electronic Ledger Account Monitoring System (eLAMS) envisages management of transfer of funds to TSB and drawal of funds for keeping as DD.

Government Aided Institutions' PF System GAINPF

GAINPF is a web based solution covering all functional activities in the PF System of Governement Aided Institutions in order to maintain proper accounts of and for speedy process of the related activities.The system takes care of various stages of PF subscription,entry,advance & withdrawal,refund,interest calculation,issuance of credit cards,annual statements etc.

Budget Allocation & Monitoring System BAMS

Budget Allocation & Monitoring System (BAMS) is an online computerized system to distribute the budget and to authorize expenditure. As soon as the budget is released, the departments can allocate funds to their field officers through this system. All the expenditure is thereafter not only checked for budget availability before the bills can be submitted, but also the monthly cash flows are controlled against pre-determined targets. This system permits the re-appropriation of funds within the prescribed limits and allows withdrawal/surrender of budget grants. The expenditure monitoring system now gives proposed expenditure data to the Government on a real time basis. The system gives various reports on budget authorizations, cash flows, fund transfer transactions and authorization slips generated.

Guarantee Information Management System GIMS

Centralized system for accounting and monitoring of Government guarantees and payment of guarantee commissions.


BOUGETTE is the software used by Finance (Budget) Department to prepare various documents such as Detailed Budget Estimates for Demands for Grants,Revenue Budget, Debt Budget, Staff Appendix, Explanatory Memorandum, LSGD Budget etc. The data once entered into the 'Bougette' for the preparation of the Budget documents for a particular financial year can be retained and used for the works relating to the remaining budgetary process such as Supplementary Demands for Grants, Additional Authorization, Reappropriation, Resumption, Opening new budget heads etc. In addition to this the data relating to twelve preceding financial years can be retained in the Budget software and the same can be used by the Budget wing for various comparisons/analysis/references relating to the works pertaining to disposing various files. The Budget documents once presented in the State Legislature become public documents to be accessed by various stakeholders like different departments in the State, Central and Other States, various organizations and general public for various purposes.

Effective Management of Issuance of Letters of Credit EMLI

EMLI is the web based application developed for the effective management of issuance of Letters of Credit. Finance (Budget) Department deals with the proposals received from various departments like PW(R&B), PW(B&LW), Irrigation Department, Forest Department and Harbour Engineering Department for the issuance of Letter of Credit. Introduction of EMLI has helped to improve the efficiency of Finance (Budget) Department to process the files related to the issuance of LoC and to generate LoC sheets and Government Orders.


HBA-Sel, a web based application, is meant for preparing the State wise Seniority List of HBA applicants from the applications registered online by each Head of Department. The Heads of Department and the Sanctioning Authorities are the users of this application. They upload the details of applicants after verification of the hard copy of the applications and documents submitted by the applicants. Only the Heads of Departments and Sanctioning Authorities are entitled to register the applications submitted by the applicants. The applicants cannot individually register applications.

Service and Payroll Administrative Repository for Kerala SPARK

SPARK -Service and Personnel payroll Management application is a project under the co-ownership of Information Technology Department and the Finance Department. This centralized system helps the departments to get details of any employee immediately. The Implementing agency of the Project is Kerala State IT Mission. The project aims to have the up-to-date details of employees and accountability of their salary. The salary bill preparation, digital data of Service book details, etc. are made simple through SPARK. It is a web-based solution for Service and payroll management and it can process and generate pay bills/ reports etc. Ultimately it can facilitate online data transfer between Govt. Departments, Treasuries and Accountant General's Office. Digitized Service Books of all the Govt. employees in the State will be captured into the system and Permanent Employee Numbers (PEN) is allotted. This PEN is the important code to identify the employee in the SPARK database.

Finance Inspection Management System FIMS

FIMS -As an effective tool to deliver the duties and functions of Finance Inspection Wing, Finance Inspection Management System (FIMS) has been developed and implemented as a single application software in which all the specialized functions of both Inspection Wing and District Finance Inspecting Offices were incorporated. The Inspection Wings and District Finance Inspecting Offices have successful migrated to this system and are effectively using FIMS.

Finance Inspection ManagementSystem Phase-II(Testing) FIMS II

On the successful implementation of FIMS Phase I, in order to develop the system more interactive, effective,transparent and accessible to citizens,FIMS Phase II has been envisaged. In FIMS Phase II citizens will have the facility to register complaints of financial irregularities and to make suggestions to improve the existing system. The complainant can monitor the status of their petitions online. The online complaint registering and follow up by the public will act as a social audit mechanism and ensure transparency in Government business. The citizen who registers online and submit complaints in FIMS will get information on the status of each of the complaints and a copy of the Inspection Report on approval of the same by the competent authority. All Secretaries of Administrative Departments and Heads of Departments will designate a Nodal Officer in their respective Departments as a facilitator for the timely follow up of the inspection reports and early implementation of the recommendations therein.An Officer in the cadre of Additional Secretary/Joint Secretary/Deputy Secretary in the administrative department and an Officer just below the rank of Head of the Department shall be designated as Nodal Officer.

Technical Inspection Management System(Testing) e-TIMS

The Technical Inspection Wing of Finance Department is headed by the Chief Technical Examiner and he is assisted by a team of engineers deputed for the purpose. The Technical Inspection Wing will inspect the works undertaken by Public Works Department, Forest Department, KSEB, Irrigation and Harbour Engineering Departments. It is mandatory to get the materials used for construction by these departments verified by the CTE. On suspecting irregularities, citizen can also lodge complaints against the works done by the Government departments which in turn will be inspected by the CTE and he will recommend punishment in deserving cases. e-TIMS is designed to automate the processes and procedures relating the working of the Technical Inspection Wing co-ordinating all Government departments involved.

Pensioner Information System with Pensioners' Portal PRISM

PRISM is intended to automate the present system related to the preparation,submission and processing of application for pension and related benefits by a retiring employee.The stakeholders of the system are the different Government Departments, Accountant General, the retiring employees,PSAs,HODs etc.

Ways and Means System WAMS

WAMS (Ways and Means System) for Finance department is aimed at the implementation of the Ways and Means Clearance system.This system provides, facility for online submission of request from Head of Department, Managing Director of Public Sector Undertakings etc..

Budget Monitoring System BMS

This software is intended for the preparation of the estimates under non-plan.

Bill Informations Management System BIMS

Bill Informations and Management System (BiMS)is an e-Bill portal for Claim Settlements by Drawing and Disbursing Officers (DDOs).The DDOs can prepare online contingent bills and e-Submission to treasury through BiMS.

Financial Administrators' Information Repository FAIR

FAIR is a web based application intended to coordinate the activities of all FAs/FOs/SrFOs functioning in different departments across the state.Finance officers will be able to login and view information pertaining to Financial Management as and when promulgated from the parent department. Facility will be provided for them to maintain a Diary of important events. A comprehensive Repository of all important GOs, Letters etc will assist them in decision making.

Integrated Financial Management System (IFMS)  

This project is aimed to achieve the effective financial management of the state by integrating the financial transaction of State Government with all stakeholders such as Accountant General's Office, The Reserve Bank of India, Agency Banks, Government of India etc. It envisages complete revamping of Treasury operations with the use of ICT, latest and best technology with a goal to achieve an eco friendly paperless office. This ensures effective G2G, G2C and G2E Services.

BMS Budget Estimation System
BOUGETTE Budget Preparation System
BAMS Budget Allocation and Monitoring System
BIMS Bill Information and Management System
e-Treasury Revenue Management
Core-TIS Expenditure Management
PIMS Pension Management
CTSB Treasury Savings Bank
Core-TIS Accounts & Audit Management
CRA Stamp Management & e-Stamping
SRM Strong Room managemen
WAMS Cash Management