Service Excellence through systematic training and development. As part of our mission establishment of a state-of-the-art Lifelong Learning system for training and development of Finance Department personnel throughout their career in the Finance Department by blending the conventional training.

The Training Centre of Finance Department was established by the Training and Development Unit, which was formed as a Unit of IT Division of Finance Department vide G.O (Ms) No.06/2010/Fin dated 05/01/2010 with a view to impart specialized training to the Government Employees on IT/Non-IT areas.

Later in G.O (Ms) No.652/2010/Fin dated 01/12/2010 Government have accorded sanction for conducting Introductory Training Programme in Accountancy with special emphasis to double entry system and balance sheet preparation for the staff of Finance Department of and above Assistants who are not Graduates in Commerce/Accountancy.The proposed courses together will capacitate Finance Department officials to scientifically analyze the PSU accounts as well as the accounts in cases where Government acts as a banker or remitter or borrower or lender. This is also very important in the context of introduction of double entry accounting system in Local Self Government Institutions.

Besides the employees of Finance Department,employees from the following departments can also participate the different training programmes designed for their respective departments.

Local Fund Audit Department

Kerala State Insurance Department

Treasuries Department

National Savings Department

Other Government Departments on Request