Order No. Date Subject
GO(Rt) No.7974/2019/Fin 2019-10-0909-10-2019 Demand No.XXVII
GO(Rt) No.7975/2019/Fin 2019-10-0909-10-2019 Demand No.XXVII
GO(Rt) No.7831/2019/Fin 2019-10-0303-10-2019 Demand NO. XXVII
GO(Rt) No.7590/2019/Fin 2019-09-2727-09-2019 Demand No. XXXIII
GO(Rt) No.7591/2019/Fin 2019-09-2727-09-2019 Demand No.XXXIII
GO(Rt) No.7564/2019/Fin 2019-09-2626-09-2019 Demand No.XXVII
GO(Rt) No.7523/2019/Fin 2019-09-2525-09-2019 Demand No.XXXIII
GO(Rt) No.7527/2019/Fin 2019-09-2525-09-2019 Demand No.XXXIII
GO(Rt) No.7046/2019/Fin 2019-09-0202-09-2019 Demand No. XXXIII
GO(Rt) No.6448/2019/Fin 2019-08-1313-08-2019 Budget Estimate 2019-20 - Declaration of Chief Controlling Officer in respect of H/A 2405-00-103-73-Survey, Studies & Investigation for Fisheries Infrastructure - modified orders issued.
GO(Rt) No.6302/2019/Fin 2019-08-0707-08-2019 Demand No.XXVII
GO(Rt) No.6260/2019/Fin 2019-08-0606-08-2019 Demand No.XXXIII
GO(Rt) No.5402/2019/Fin 2019-07-0909-07-2019 Demand No.XVI
GO(Rt) No.5291/2019/Fin 2019-07-0808-07-2019 Demand No.XVIII
GO(Rt) No.5277/2019/Fin 2019-07-0606-07-2019 Demand No.XLVI
GO(Rt) No.5278/2019/Fin 2019-07-0606-07-2019 Demand No.XLVI
GO(Rt) No.5282/2019/Fin 2019-07-0606-07-2019 Demand No.XXII
GO(Rt) No.5265/2019/Fin 2019-07-0606-07-2019 Demand No.XIV
GO(Rt) No.5263/2019/Fin 2019-07-0606-07-2019 Demand No.II
GO(Rt) No.5246/2019/Fin 2019-07-0505-07-2019 Demand No.XI
GO(Rt) No.5206/2019/Fin 2019-07-0404-07-2019 Supplementary Demands for Grants, January 2019 - Demand No. XVII
GO(Rt) No.4878/2019/Fin 2019-06-2626-06-2019 Demand No.XXIV
GO(Rt) No.4852/2019/Fin 2019-06-2525-06-2019 Demand No.XVIII
GO(Rt) No.4801/2019/Fin 2019-06-2424-06-2019 Demand No.XVIII
GO(Rt) No.4814/2019/Fin 2019-06-2424-06-2019 Demand No.VI
GO(Rt) No.3880/2019/Fin 2019-05-2121-05-2019 Detailed Estimates of Revenue
GO(Rt) No.3747/2019/Fin 2019-05-1717-05-2019 Detailed Estimated of Revenue - Major Head(s), 0006 State Goods and Services Tax (SGST) under revenue - Opening of New Head(s) of Account - Sanctioned - Orders issued.
GO(Rt) No.2731/2019/Fin 2019-04-0202-04-2019 Demand No.XXVIII
GO(Rt) No.2748/2019/Fin 2019-04-0202-04-2019 Demand No.II
GO(Rt) No.2688/2019/Fin 2019-03-3131-03-2019 Demand No.XVII
GO(Rt) No.2686/2019/Fin 2019-03-3131-03-2019 Demand No.XLVI
GO(Rt) No.2577/2019/Fin 2019-03-3131-03-2019 Demand No.XVIII
GO(Rt) No.2664/2019/Fin 2019-03-3030-03-2019 Demand No.II
GO(Rt) No.2684/2019/Fin 2019-03-3030-03-2019 Demand No.II
GO(Rt) No.2643/2019/Fin 2019-03-3030-03-2019 Demand No.II
GO(Rt) No.2676/2019/Fin 2019-03-3030-03-2019 Demand No.XVIII
GO(Rt) No.2677/2019/Fin 2019-03-3030-03-2019 Demand No.XIV
GO(Rt) No.2663/2019/Fin 2019-03-3030-03-2019 Demand No.XXXIV
GO(Rt) No.2663/2019/Fin 2019-03-3030-03-2019 Demand No.XXXIV
GO(Rt) No.2663/2019/Fin 2019-03-3030-03-2019 Demand No.XXXIV
GO(Rt) No.2624/2019/Fin 2019-03-2929-03-2019 Demand No.XI
GO(Rt) No.2619/2019/Fin 2019-03-2929-03-2019 Demand No.II
GO(Rt) No.2615/2019/Fin 2019-03-2828-03-2019 Demand No.II
GO(Rt) No.2558/2019/Fin 2019-03-2828-03-2019 Demand No.XVI
GO(Rt) No.2612/2019/Fin 2019-03-2828-03-2019 Demand No.XVI
GO(Rt) No.2579/2019/Fin 2019-03-2828-03-2019 Demand No.XVIII
GO(Rt) No.2584/2019/Fin 2019-03-2828-03-2019 Demand No.XVIII
GO(Rt) No.2322/2019/Fin 2019-03-2222-03-2019 Annual Maintenance Contract for Budget Report Generation Software implemented by KELTRON - Modified - Orders issued.
GO(Rt) No.1900/2019/Fin 2019-03-1515-03-2019 Demand No.XXXVIII
GO(Rt) No.1885/2019/Fin 2019-03-1515-03-2019 Demand No.XXXV
GO(Rt) No.1880/2019/Fin 2019-03-1515-03-2019 Demand No.XXXVIII
GO(Rt) No.1858/2019/Fin 2019-03-1414-03-2019 Demand No.XV
GO(Rt) No.1852/2019/Fin 2019-03-1414-03-2019 Demand No.XXIII
GO(Rt) No.1852/2019/Fin 2019-03-1414-03-2019 Demand No.XXIII
GO(Rt) No.1857/2019/Fin 2019-03-1414-03-2019 Demand No.XV
GO(Rt) No.1817/2019/Fin 2019-03-1313-03-2019 Demand No.XII
GO(Rt) No.1803/2019/Fin 2019-03-1313-03-2019 Demand No.II
GO(Rt) No.1768/2019/Fin 2019-03-1212-03-2019 Demand No.XVII
GO(Rt) No.1794/2019/Fin 2019-03-1212-03-2019 Demand No.XVII
GO(Rt) No.1772/2019/Fin 2019-03-1212-03-2019 Demand No.XLIII
GO(Rt) No.1769/2019/Fin 2019-03-1212-03-2019 Demand No.XXXIII
GO(Rt) No.1767/2019/Fin 2019-03-1212-03-2019 Demand No.XI
GO(Rt) No.1741/2019/Fin 2019-03-1111-03-2019 Demand No.XXXVIII
GO(Rt) No.1746/2019/Fin 2019-03-1111-03-2019 Demand No.XI
GO(Rt) No.1758/2019/Fin 2019-03-1111-03-2019 Demand No.XII
GO(Rt) No.1736/2019/Fin 2019-03-1111-03-2019 Demand No.III
GO(Rt) No.1749/2019/Fin 2019-03-1111-03-2019 Demand No.XV
GO(Rt) No.1755/2019/Fin 2019-03-1111-03-2019 Demand No.XV
GO(Rt) No.1750/2019/Fin 2019-03-1111-03-2019 Demand No.XV
GO(Rt) No.1754/2019/Fin 2019-03-1111-03-2019 Demand No.XV
GO(Rt) No.1751/2019/Fin 2019-03-1111-03-2019 Demand No.XV
GO(Rt) No.1735/2019/Fin 2019-03-0808-03-2019 Demand No.XLIII
GO(Rt) No.1718/2019/Fin 2019-03-0808-03-2019 Demand No.XXIV
GO(Rt) No.1716/2019/Fin 2019-03-0808-03-2019 Demand No.XVII
GO(Rt) No.1693/2019/Fin 2019-03-0707-03-2019 Demand No.I
GO(Rt) No.1702/2019/Fin 2019-03-0707-03-2019 Demand No.XVII
GO(Rt) No.1700/2019/Fin 2019-03-0707-03-2019 Demand No.III
GO(Rt) No.1682/2019/Fin 2019-03-0707-03-2019 Demand No.XIV
GO(Rt) No.1690/2019/Fin 2019-03-0707-03-2019 Demand No.XII
GO(Rt) No.1687/2019/Fin 2019-03-0707-03-2019 Demand No.XII
GO(Rt) No.1691/2019/Fin 2019-03-0707-03-2019 Demand No.XLIII
GO(Rt) No.1663/2019/Fin 2019-03-0606-03-2019 Demand No.XXXVIII
GO(Rt) No.1666/2019/Fin 2019-03-0606-03-2019 Demand No.XXI
GO(Rt) No.1668/2019/Fin 2019-03-0606-03-2019 Demand No.XXXVIII
GO(Rt) No.1642/2019/Fin 2019-03-0606-03-2019 Demand No.XVIII
GO(Rt) No.1676/2019/Fin 2019-03-0606-03-2019 Demand No.XVIII
GO(Rt) No.1670/2019/Fin 2019-03-0606-03-2019 Demand No.XXXIV
GO(Rt) No.1646/2019/Fin 2019-03-0505-03-2019 Demand No.XLVI
GO(Rt) No.1634/2019/Fin 2019-03-0505-03-2019 Demand No.XXIX
GO(Rt) No.1640/2019/Fin 2019-03-0505-03-2019 Demand No.XXXVIII
GO(Rt) No.1645/2019/Fin 2019-03-0505-03-2019 Demand No.XXIV
GO(Rt) No.1641/2019/Fin 2019-03-0505-03-2019 Demand No.XV
GO(Rt) No.1652/2019/Fin 2019-03-0505-03-2019 Demand No.XXIX
GO(Rt) No.1647/2019/Fin 2019-03-0505-03-2019 Public Debt Repayment
GO(Rt) No.1660/2019/Fin 2019-03-0505-03-2019 Demand No.VII
GO(Rt) No.1618/2019/Fin 2019-03-0202-03-2019 Demand No.XVII
GO(Rt) No.1619/2019/Fin 2019-03-0202-03-2019 Demand No.IX
GO(Rt) No.1604/2019/Fin 2019-03-0101-03-2019 Demand No.XVII
GO(Rt) No.1579/2019/Fin 2019-03-0101-03-2019 Demand No.XVI
GO(Rt) No.1582/2019/Fin 2019-03-0101-03-2019 Demand No.XXXI
GO(Rt) No.1534/2019/Fin 2019-02-2828-02-2019 Demand No.XXXVIII
GO(Rt) No.1528/2019/Fin 2019-02-2828-02-2019 Demand No.XXXI
GO(Rt) No.1503/2019/Fin 2019-02-2727-02-2019 Demand No.XLI
GO(Rt) No.1492/2019/Fin 2019-02-2727-02-2019 Demand No.XXXVIII
GO(Rt) No.1519/2019/Fin 2019-02-2727-02-2019 Demand No.XVIII
GO(Rt) No.1520/2019/Fin 2019-02-2727-02-2019 Demand No.XVII
GO(Rt) No.1516/2019/Fin 2019-02-2727-02-2019 Demand No.XXX
GO(Rt) No.1517/2019/Fin 2019-02-2727-02-2019 Demand No.XVI
GO(Rt) No.1518/2019/Fin 2019-02-2727-02-2019 Demand No.XVI
GO(Rt) No.1456/2019/Fin 2019-02-2626-02-2019 Demand No.XXIV
GO(Rt) No.1454/2019/Fin 2019-02-2626-02-2019 Demand No.XXIX
GO(Rt) No.1462/2019/Fin 2019-02-2626-02-2019 Demand No.XVIII
GO(Rt) No.1461/2019/Fin 2019-02-2626-02-2019 Demand No.XVIII
GO(Rt) No.1458/2019/Fin 2019-02-2626-02-2019 Demand No.XXVIII
GO(Rt) No.1463/2019/Fin 2019-02-2626-02-2019 Demand No.II
GO(Rt) No.1441/2019/Fin 2019-02-2525-02-2019 Demand No.XVII
GO(Rt) No.1430/2019/Fin 2019-02-2525-02-2019 Demand No.XXIX
GO(Rt) No.1427/2019/Fin 2019-02-2525-02-2019 Demand No.II
GO(Rt) No.1369/2019/Fin 2019-02-2323-02-2019 Demand No.XL
GO(Rt) No.1374/2019/Fin 2019-02-2323-02-2019 Demand No.XXXVIII
GO(Rt) No.1390/2019/Fin 2019-02-2323-02-2019 Demand No.XVII
GO(Rt) No.1387/2019/Fin 2019-02-2323-02-2019 Demand No.II
GO(Rt) No.1391/2019/Fin 2019-02-2323-02-2019 Demand No.XXIV
GO(Rt) No.1358/2019/Fin 2019-02-2222-02-2019 Demand No.XXIX
GO(Rt) No.1317/2019/Fin 2019-02-2222-02-2019 Demand No.X
GO(Rt) No.1341/2019/Fin 2019-02-2222-02-2019 Demand No.VII
GO(Rt) No.1337/2019/Fin 2019-02-2222-02-2019 Demand No.XXIX
GO(Rt) No.1364/2019/Fin 2019-02-2222-02-2019 Demand No.II
GO(Rt) No.1343/2019/Fin 2019-02-2222-02-2019 Demand No.II
GO(Rt) No.1342/2019/Fin 2019-02-2222-02-2019 Demand No.XVII
GO(Rt) No.1348/2019/Fin 2019-02-2222-02-2019 Demand No.XVII
GO(Rt) No.1296/2019/Fin 2019-02-2121-02-2019 Demand No.XVIII
GO(Rt) No.1304/2019/Fin 2019-02-2121-02-2019 Demand No.XVIII
GO(Rt) No.1322/2019/Fin 2019-02-2121-02-2019 Demand No.XVIII
GO(Rt) No.1306/2019/Fin 2019-02-2121-02-2019 Demand No.XVIII
GO(Rt) No.1324/2019/Fin 2019-02-2121-02-2019 Demand No.XVIII
GO(Rt) No.1302/2019/Fin 2019-02-2121-02-2019 Demand No.VIII
GO(Rt) No.1320/2019/Fin 2019-02-2121-02-2019 Demand No.XVIII
GO(Rt) No.1303/2019/Fin 2019-02-2121-02-2019 Demand No.XVIII
GO(Rt) No.1314/2019/Fin 2019-02-2121-02-2019 Demand No.VIII
GO(Rt) No.1298/2019/Fin 2019-02-2121-02-2019 Demand No.VII
GO(Rt) No.1316/2019/Fin 2019-02-2121-02-2019 Demand No.XVII
GO(Rt) No.1328/2019/Fin 2019-02-2121-02-2019 Demand No.XII
GO(Rt) No.1305/2019/Fin 2019-02-2121-02-2019 Demand No.XVI
GO(Rt) No.1272/2019/Fin 2019-02-1919-02-2019 Demand No.XXIV
GO(Rt) No.1247/2019/Fin 2019-02-1919-02-2019 Demand No.XVIII
GO(Rt) No.1261/2019/Fin 2019-02-1919-02-2019 Demand No.XLII
GO(Rt) No.1250/2019/Fin 2019-02-1919-02-2019 Demand No.III
GO(Rt) No.1275/2019/Fin 2019-02-1919-02-2019 Demand No.XVII
GO(Rt) No.1277/2019/Fin 2019-02-1919-02-2019 Demand No.XVII
GO(Rt) No.1259/2019/Fin 2019-02-1919-02-2019 Demand No.XVIII
GO(Rt) No.1260/2019/Fin 2019-02-1919-02-2019 Demand No.XVIII
GO(Rt) No.1283/2019/Fin 2019-02-1919-02-2019 Demand No.XXV
GO(Rt) No.1273/2019/Fin 2019-02-1919-02-2019 Demand No.XVII
GO(Rt) No.1288/2019/Fin 2019-02-1919-02-2019 Demand No.XVI
GO(Rt) No.1238/2019/Fin 2019-02-1818-02-2019 Demand No.XVIII
GO(Rt) No.1227/2019/Fin 2019-02-1818-02-2019 Demand No.XXII
GO(Rt) No.1203/2019/Fin 2019-02-1818-02-2019 Demand No.XVII
GO(Rt) No.1229/2019/Fin 2019-02-1818-02-2019 Demand No.XXIV
GO(Rt) No.1204/2019/Fin 2019-02-1818-02-2019 Demand No.V
GO(Rt) No.1232/2019/Fin 2019-02-1818-02-2019 Demand No.XXIX
GO(Rt) No.1208/2019/Fin 2019-02-1818-02-2019 Demand No.XII
GO(Rt) No.1233/2019/Fin 2019-02-1818-02-2019 Demand No.XXV
GO(Rt) No.1239/2019/Fin 2019-02-1818-02-2019 Demand No.XLV
GO(Rt) No.1175/2019/Fin 2019-02-1616-02-2019 Demand No.XIV
GO(Rt) No.1184/2019/Fin 2019-02-1616-02-2019 Demand No.XLIII
GO(Rt) No.1142/2019/Fin 2019-02-1515-02-2019 Demand No.XVII
GO(Rt) No.1140/2019/Fin 2019-02-1515-02-2019 Demand No.XVII
GO(Rt) No.1123/2019/Fin 2019-02-1515-02-2019 Demand No.XXXVIII
GO(Rt) No.1127/2019/Fin 2019-02-1515-02-2019 Demand No.XXXVIII
GO(Rt) No.1171/2019/Fin 2019-02-1515-02-2019 Demand No.XXXIII
GO(Rt) No.1160/2019/Fin 2019-02-1515-02-2019 Demand No.XVII
GO(Rt) No.1163/2019/Fin 2019-02-1515-02-2019 Demand No.XVII
GO(Rt) No.1139/2019/Fin 2019-02-1515-02-2019 Demand No.XVIII
GO(Rt) No.1128/2019/Fin 2019-02-1515-02-2019 Demand No.XVIII
GO(Rt) No.1159/2019/Fin 2019-02-1515-02-2019 Demand No.XVIII
GO(Rt) No.1130/2019/Fin 2019-02-1515-02-2019 Demand No.XLVI
GO(Rt) No.1086/2019/Fin 2019-02-1414-02-2019 Demand No.XLVI
GO(Rt) No.1099/2019/Fin 2019-02-1414-02-2019 Demand No.XXV
GO(Rt) No.1098/2019/Fin 2019-02-1414-02-2019 Demand No.XXIX
GO(Rt) No.1082/2019/Fin 2019-02-1414-02-2019 Demand No.XLVI
GO(Rt) No.1116/2019/Fin 2019-02-1414-02-2019 Demand No.XII
GO(Rt) No.1115/2019/Fin 2019-02-1414-02-2019 Demand No.XII
GO(Rt) No.1120/2019/Fin 2019-02-1414-02-2019 Demand No.II
GO(Rt) No.1111/2019/Fin 2019-02-1414-02-2019 Demand No.XXIX
GO(Rt) No.1049/2019/Fin 2019-02-1313-02-2019 Demand No.XII
GO(Rt) No.1050/2019/Fin 2019-02-1313-02-2019 Demand No.XII
GO(Rt) No.1067/2019/Fin 2019-02-1313-02-2019 Demand No.XXXVIII
GO(Rt) No.1063/2019/Fin 2019-02-1313-02-2019 Demand No.XVIII
GO(Rt) No.1066/2019/Fin 2019-02-1313-02-2019 Demand No.XVIII
GO(Rt) No.1074/2019/Fin 2019-02-1313-02-2019 Demand No.III
GO(Rt) No.1076/2019/Fin 2019-02-1313-02-2019 Demand No.XIV
GO(Rt) No.1047/2019/Fin 2019-02-1313-02-2019 Demand No.XVIII
GO(Rt) No.1062/2019/Fin 2019-02-1313-02-2019 Demand No.XVIII
GO(Rt) No.1073/2019/Fin 2019-02-1313-02-2019 Demand No.XIX
GO(Rt) No.1007/2019/Fin 2019-02-1212-02-2019 Demand No.XLIII
GO(Rt) No.1026/2019/Fin 2019-02-1212-02-2019 Demand No.XXII
GO(Rt) No.1004/2019/Fin 2019-02-1212-02-2019 Demand No.III
GO(Rt) No.1009/2019/Fin 2019-02-1212-02-2019 Demand No.XLVI
GO(Rt) No.1005/2019/Fin 2019-02-1212-02-2019 Demand No.XXV
GO(Rt) No.1041/2019/Fin 2019-02-1212-02-2019 Demand No.XXXIV
GO(Rt) No.1016/2019/Fin 2019-02-1212-02-2019 Demand No.XII
GO(Rt) No.1008/2019/Fin 2019-02-1212-02-2019 Demand No.XXV
GO(Rt) No.1043/2019/Fin 2019-02-1212-02-2019 Demand No.XVII
GO(Rt) No.1033/2019/Fin 2019-02-1212-02-2019 Demand No.XXXVIII
GO(Rt) No.1003/2019/Fin 2019-02-1111-02-2019 Demand No.XVII
GO(Rt) No.966/2019/Fin 2019-02-1111-02-2019 Demand No.XVIII
GO(Rt) No.1002/2019/Fin 2019-02-1111-02-2019 Demand No.VII
GO(Rt) No.958/2019/Fin 2019-02-0808-02-2019 Demand No.XXXVIII
GO(Rt) No.942/2019/Fin 2019-02-0808-02-2019 Demand No.XIV
GO(Rt) No.944/2019/Fin 2019-02-0808-02-2019 Demand No.VI
GO(Rt) No.957/2019/Fin 2019-02-0808-02-2019 Demand No.VII
GO(Rt) No.963/2019/Fin 2019-02-0808-02-2019 Demand No.XXXVI
GO(Rt) No.945/2019/Fin 2019-02-0808-02-2019 Demand No.XXXIV
GO(Rt) No.961/2019/Fin 2019-02-0808-02-2019 Demand No.XIV
GO(Rt) No.921/2019/Fin 2019-02-0606-02-2019 Demand No.II
GO(Rt) No.914/2019/Fin 2019-02-0606-02-2019 Demand No.XVI
GO(Rt) No.918/2019/Fin 2019-02-0606-02-2019 Demand No.III
GO(Rt) No.925/2019/Fin 2019-02-0606-02-2019 Demand no.XVII
GO(Rt) No.899/2019/Fin 2019-02-0606-02-2019 Demand No.XXIV
GO(Rt) No.922/2019/Fin 2019-02-0606-02-2019 Demand No.XVII
GO(Rt) No.920/2019/Fin 2019-02-0606-02-2019 Demand No.XVII
GO(Rt) No.903/2019/Fin 2019-02-0606-02-2019 Demand No.XXVIII
GO(Rt) No.895/2019/Fin 2019-02-0505-02-2019 Demand No.XXXIV
GO(Rt) No.866/2019/Fin 2019-02-0505-02-2019 Demand No.XIV
GO(Rt) No.861/2019/Fin 2019-02-0505-02-2019 Demand No.XXXV
GO(Rt) No.880/2019/Fin 2019-02-0505-02-2019 Demand No.XVI
GO(Rt) No.891/2019/Fin 2019-02-0505-02-2019 Demand No.XVII
GO(Rt) No.890/2019/Fin 2019-02-0505-02-2019 Demand No.XXIV
GO(Rt) No.832/2019/Fin 2019-02-0404-02-2019 Demand No.XXXVIII
GO(Rt) No.855/2019/Fin 2019-02-0404-02-2019 Demand No.II
GO(Rt) No.807/2019/Fin 2019-02-0404-02-2019 Demand No.XXV
GO(Rt) No.797/2019/Fin 2019-02-0404-02-2019 Demand No.XVII
GO(Rt) No.796/2019/Fin 2019-02-0202-02-2019 Demand No.I
GO(Rt) No.806/2019/Fin 2019-02-0202-02-2019 Demand No.XXIX
GO(Rt) No.793/2019/Fin 2019-02-0202-02-2019 Demand No.XXIV
GO(Rt) No.736/2019/Fin 2019-01-3131-01-2019 Demand No.XVIII
GO(Rt) No.737/2019/Fin 2019-01-3131-01-2019 Demand No.XVIII
GO(Rt) No.735/2019/Fin 2019-01-3131-01-2019 Demand No.XVIII
GO(Rt) No.721/2019/Fin 2019-01-3131-01-2019 Demand No.XII
GO(Rt) No.749/2019/Fin 2019-01-3131-01-2019 Demand No.XXXVIII
GO(Rt) No.748/2019/Fin 2019-01-3131-01-2019 Demand No.XXXVIII
GO(Rt) No.734/2019/Fin 2019-01-3131-01-2019 Demand No.XVIII
GO(Rt) No.738/2019/Fin 2019-01-3131-01-2019 Demand No.XVIII
GO(Rt) No.750/2019/Fin 2019-01-3131-01-2019 Demand No.XXXVII
GO(Rt) No.786/2019/Fin 2019-01-3131-01-2019 Demand No.XXXVI
GO(Rt) No.705/2019/Fin 2019-01-3030-01-2019 Demand No.VI
GO(Rt) No.722/2019/Fin 2019-01-3030-01-2019 Demand No.XII
GO(Rt) No.708/2019/Fin 2019-01-3030-01-2019 Demand No.XXIX
GO(Rt) No.720/2019/Fin 2019-01-3030-01-2019 Demand No.XVII
GO(Rt) No.711/2019/Fin 2019-01-3030-01-2019 Demand No.III
GO(Rt) No.726/2019/Fin 2019-01-3030-01-2019 Demand No.III
GO(Rt) No.710/2019/Fin 2019-01-3030-01-2019 Demand No.XVIII
GO(Rt) No.688/2019/Fin 2019-01-2929-01-2019 Demand No.XII
GO(Rt) No.689/2019/Fin 2019-01-2929-01-2019 Demand No.XII
GO(Rt) No.680/2019/Fin 2019-01-2929-01-2019 Demand No.XXIX
GO(Rt) No.683/2019/Fin 2019-01-2929-01-2019 Demand No.XVIII
GO(Rt) No.643/2019/Fin 2019-01-2929-01-2019 Demand No.XXX
GO(Rt) No.681/2019/Fin 2019-01-2929-01-2019 Demand No.III
GO(Rt) No.696/2019/Fin 2019-01-2929-01-2019 Demand No.XVIII
GO(Rt) No.702/2019/Fin 2019-01-2929-01-2019 Demand No.XVIII
GO(Rt) No.699/2019/Fin 2019-01-2929-01-2019 Demand No.XXXVII
GO(Rt) No.701/2019/Fin 2019-01-2929-01-2019 Demand No.XXXIII
GO(Rt) No.677/2019/Fin 2019-01-2828-01-2019 Demand No.XLVI
GO(Rt) No.637/2019/Fin 2019-01-2828-01-2019 Demand No.III
GO(Rt) No.635/2019/Fin 2019-01-2828-01-2019 Demand No.XLV
GO(Rt) No.644/2019/Fin 2019-01-2828-01-2019 Demand No.XII
GO(Rt) No.670/2019/Fin 2019-01-2828-01-2019 Demand No.XXI
GO(Rt) No.661/2019/Fin 2019-01-2828-01-2019 Demand No.XXXVIII
GO(Rt) No.628/2019/Fin 2019-01-2727-01-2019 Demand No.XVI
GO(Rt) No.600/2019/Fin 2019-01-2525-01-2019 Demand No.XLVI
GO(Rt) No.610/2019/Fin 2019-01-2525-01-2019 Demand No.XXIX
GO(Rt) No.609/2019/Fin 2019-01-2525-01-2019 Demand No.XVI
GO(Rt) No.608/2019/Fin 2019-01-2525-01-2019 Demand No.XVI
GO(Rt) No.602/2019/Fin 2019-01-2525-01-2019 Demand No.XXXVIII
GO(Rt) No.604/2019/Fin 2019-01-2525-01-2019 Demand No.XXXVIII
GO(Rt) No.601/2019/Fin 2019-01-2525-01-2019 Demand No.III
GO(Rt) No.583/2019/Fin 2019-01-2424-01-2019 Demand No.XXV
GO(Rt) No.553/2019/Fin 2019-01-2323-01-2019 Demand No.XLV
GO(Rt) No.570/2019/Fin 2019-01-2323-01-2019 Demand No.XVII
GO(Rt) No.548/2019/Fin 2019-01-2323-01-2019 Demand No.XXXVIII
GO(Rt) No.563/2019/Fin 2019-01-2323-01-2019 Demand No.XVIII
GO(Rt) No.540/2019/Fin 2019-01-2323-01-2019 Demand No.XVIII
GO(Rt) No.517/2019/Fin 2019-01-2222-01-2019 Demand No.XXXVIII
GO(Rt) No.489/2019/Fin 2019-01-2222-01-2019 Demand No.III
GO(Rt) No.495/2019/Fin 2019-01-2222-01-2019 Demand No.XXIX
GO(Rt) No.518/2019/Fin 2019-01-2222-01-2019 Demand No.XXIII
GO(Rt) No.463/2019/Fin 2019-01-2121-01-2019 Demand No.XVIII
GO(Rt) No.458/2019/Fin 2019-01-1919-01-2019 Demand No.XV
GO(Rt) No.460/2019/Fin Dated 19-01-2019 2019-01-1919-01-2019 DEMAND NO.XII
GO(Rt) No.355/2019/Fin 2019-01-1616-01-2019 Demand No.XXV
GO(Rt) No 203/2019/Fin 2019-01-1010-01-2019 Demand No.XXXVII
GO(Rt) No 184/2019/Fin 2019-01-0909-01-2019 Demand No.XXIX
GO(Rt) No 172/2019/Fin 2019-01-0808-01-2019 Demand No.XXX
GO(Rt) No 114/2019/Fin 2019-01-0707-01-2019 Demand No.XXIX
GO(Rt) No 115/2019/Fin 2019-01-0707-01-2019 Demand No.XXIX
GO(Rt) No 141/2019/Fin 2019-01-0707-01-2019 Demand No.XII
GO(Rt) No 150/2019/Fin 2019-01-0707-01-2019 Demand No.XII
GO(Rt) No 90/2019/Fin 2019-01-0505-01-2019 Demand No.XLVI
GO(Rt) No 91/2019/Fin 2019-01-0505-01-2019 Demand No.XLVI
GO(Rt) No 158/2019/Fin dated 07/01/2019 Demand No.XVII
GO(Rt) No 142/2019/Fin dated 07/01/2019 Demand No.II
GO(Rt) No 140/2019/Fin dated 07/01/2019 Demand No.II
GO(Rt) No 166/2019/Fin dated 08/01/2019 Demand No.XIV
GO(Rt) No 173/2019/Fin dated 08/01/2019 Demand No.II
GO(Rt) No 171/2019/Fin dated 08/01/2019 Demand No.Ii
GO(Rt) No 183/2019/Fin dated 09/01/2019 Demand No.II
GO(Rt) No 100/2019/Fin dated 06/01/2019 Demand No.XVII
GO(Rt) No 151/2019/Fin dated 07/01/2019 Demand No.XVII
GO(Rt) No 152/2019/Fin dated 07/01/2019 Demand No.XVII
GO(Rt) No 101/2019/Fin dated 06/01/2019 Demand No.XVII
GO(Rt) No 99/2019/Fin dated 06/01/2019 Demand No.XVII
GO(Rt) No 118/2019/Fin dated 07/01/2019 Demand No.VI
GO(Rt) No 176/2019/Fin dated 08/01/2019 Demand No.XVI
GO(Rt) No 188/2019/Fin dated 09/01/2019 Demand No.XVIII
GO(Rt) No 180/2019/Fin dated 09/01/2019 Demand No.XVIII
GO(Rt) No 138/2019/Fin dated 07/01/2019 Demand No.XVIII
GO(Rt) No 125/2019/Fin dated 08/01/2019 Demand No.XVIII
GO(Rt) No 160/2019/Fin dated 08/01/2019 Demand No.XVIII
GO(Rt) No 167/2019/Fin dated 08/01/2019 Demand No.XVIII
GO(Rt) No 169/2019/Fin dated 08/01/2019 Demand No.XVII
GO(Rt) No 52/2019/Fin dated 04/01/2019 Demand No.XXIV
GO(Rt) No 164/2019/Fin dated 08/01/2019 Demand No.XVII
GO(Rt) No 165/2019/Fin dated 08/01/2019 Demand No.XVII
GO(Rt) No 175/2019/Fin dated 08/01/2019 Demand No.XVI
GO(Rt) No 23/2019/Fin dated 03/01/2019 Demand No.XVI
GO(Rt) No 55/2019/Fin dated 04/01/2019 Demand No.XVIII
GO(Rt) No 22/2019/Fin dated 03/01/2019 Demand No.XVI
GO(Rt) No 68/2019/Fin dated 05/01/2019 Demand No.XVIII
GO(Rt) No 88/2019/Fin dated 05/01/2019 Demand No.XVIII
GO(Rt) No 10647/2018/Fin dated 29/12/2018 Demand No.XVIII
GO(Rt) No 92/2019/Fin dated 05/01/2019 Demand No.XXVI
GO(Rt) No 136/2019/Fin dated 07/01/2019 Demand No.IX
GO(Rt) No 226/2019/Fin dated 10/01/2019 Demand No.II
GO(Rt) No 148/2019/Fin dated 07/01/2019 Demand No.XXXV
GO(Rt) No 146/2019/Fin dated 07/01/2019 Demand No.XXXVI
GO(Rt) No 193/2019/Fin dated 09/01/2019 Demand No.XLIII
GO(Rt) No 134/2019/Fin dated 07/01/2019 Demand No.XX
GO(Rt) No 216/2019/Fin dated 10/01/2019 Demand No.XVI
GO(Rt) No 232/2019/Fin dated 10/01/2019 Demand No.VII
GO(Rt) No 12/2019-Fin dated 01/01/2019 Demand No.XXIX
GO(Rt) No 20/2019/Fin dated 01/01/2019 Demand No.XXV
GO(Rt) No 56/2019/Fin dated 04/01/2019 Demand No.XXIX
GO(Rt) No 59/2019/Fin dated 05/01/2019 Demand No.XXV
GO(Rt) No 69/2019/Fin dated 05/01/2019 Demand No.XXXVII
GO(Rt) No 2/2019/Fin dated 01/01/2019 Demand No.XLI
GO(Rt) No 21/2019/Fin dated 02/01/2019 Demand No.XLIII