16 | 07 | 2018

Dr.T.M.Thomas Isaac, Minister for Finance,Government of Kerala
presenting the Kerala Budget for 2018-19 on 2 nd February 2018

   Budget Documents 2018-19

Health Insurance Scheme to Employees & Pensioners
Government have accorded sanction for implementing Health Insurance Scheme for State Government Employees,Pensioners and Family Pensioners.For details view GO(P)No 54/2017/Fin Dated 24/04/2017.
Health Insurance Scheme; Expression of Interest
Government have invited Expression of Interest from IRDA accredited Insurance Companies prior to the issue of Request for Proposal (RFP)on the  feasible coverage and package of services to be provided under Government Employees' and Pensioners' Health Insurance Scheme.For details view Expression of Interest
NPS- Updation of Personal details of members
Government have directed all Drawing and Disbursing Officers/Treasury Officers  to start updating the personal details of members of National Pension Scheme before 31/10/2017.For details view Circular No 76/2017/Fin dated 12/10/2017
Pay Revision 2014;Payment of Second Installment of Arrears
Government have issued revised orders on the payment of second installment of arrears of  Pay/Pension revision 2014.For details view GO(P) No.128/2017/Fin Dated 06/10/ 2017
Special Allowance for handling cash-Discontinued
Government have discontinued the Special Allowance admissible to the employees handling cash with effect from 01/04/2017.For details view GO(P)No.125/2017/Fin dated 23/09 /2017
HBA for State Govt.Employees &Teachers;  Combined Seniority List 
Government have published the Statewide Combined Seniority List of employees and teachers eligible for House Building Advance 2017-18.For details view Circular No 72/2017/Fin Dated 23/09 /2017
Deputation to the post Chief Technical Examiner- Date Extended
Government have extended the date for submission of application for deputation to the post of Chief Technical Examiner to 30/09/2017.For details view Notification No 405401/Admin C2/2017/Fin dated 09/09/2017 (English)
Bank Guarantee Scheme for students-Guidelines
 Government have issued guidelines for the Bank Guarantee Scheme for the students who secure admission in the designated Self Financing Medical Colleges in Kerala.For details view GO(P)No 118/2017/Fin Dated 30/08/ 2017
Public Sector Undertakings; Special Festival Allowance-Sanctioned
Government have sanctioned Special Festival Allowance for the year 2016-17 to the employees of  Public Sector Undertakings.For details view GO(Ms)No.395/2017/Fin Dated 22/08/2017
Sale of Kerala Government Stock (Securities) 
Government have notified the sale of Kerala Government stock (Securities)of 20 year tenure for an aggregate amount of Rs 4500 Crore(Nominal).For details view/ download Notification No SS1/314/2017/Fin Dated 18/08/2017

Supplementary Demands for Grants - August 2017

Supplementary Demands for Grants of the State Government relating to the financial year 2017-18.Download
GST-Opening of new Head(s) of Account
Government have opened new Head(s)of Account for accounting of Goods and Services Tax.For details view GO(Rt)No.5259/ 2017/Fin Dated 30/06/2017

 Latest Decisions

 Government have issued instructions to update the employee data in Medisep application. For details Circular no 62/2018/Fin dated 11/07/2018
House Building Advance
Government have issued  orders to modify the House Building Advance scheme by availing bank financing with interest subvention. For details GO(P)No 105/2018/Fin dated 05/07/2018
 Ways and Means Management System (WaMS 2.0)  - Introduced
Government have decided to introduce new Ways and Means Management System (WaMS 2.0). For more details GO(MS) No 237/2017/Fin dated 04/07/2018
Pay Revision 2004 and 2009 - Re-option
Government have issued  orders to allow re-option on Pay Revision 2004 and 2009. For details view/download GO(P) No 96/2018/Fin dated 22/06/2018 and Circular No 58/2018/Fin dated 23/06/2018
Director (IT Division) - Applications invited
             Applications are invited for the post of Director(Information Systems) in Finance (IT Division) Department, on Deputation/Contract basis. For details view/ download Notification No. 633171/Admn A2/2017/Fin dated 11-06-2018

DA / DR rates Revised

Government have revised the Dearness Allowance for State Government Employees and Dearness Relief for Pensioners with effect from  01/07/2017.For details view GO(P) No 84/2018/Fin Dated 07/06/2018
Sale of Kerala Government Stock (Securities) 
Government have notified the sale of Kerala Government stock (Securities)of 10 year tenure for an aggregate amount of Rs 1000 Crore(Nominal). For details view/ download Notification No SS1- 223-2018-Fin 01-06-2018
Chief Technical Examiner - Applications invited 
Applications are invited to the post of  Chief Technical Examiner on deputation basis.For details view Notification No 405401/Admin C2/2017/Fin Dated 26/05/2018 and 405401/Admin C2/2017/Fin dated 27/06/2018
15th Finance Commission-
Memorandum presented
Government have presented a memorandum to the 15th Finance Commission.Download/ View the Memorandum.
Public Works-Accreditation of Agencies -Applications invited
Government have invited applications from agencies  for new accreditation/renewing accreditation for executing public works. For details Download/ View the Notification No Ind&PW B2/142/2018/Fin dated 26/05/2018
Sale of Kerala Government Stock (Securities) 
Government have notified the sale of Kerala Government stock (Securities)of 10 year tenure for an aggregate amount of Rs 1000 Crore(Nominal).For details view/ download Notification No SS1/214/2018/Fin 25/05/2018
First Batch of SDG 2018-19 Proposals Called for 
Government have issued instructions for the submission of proposals for the First Batch of Supplementary Demands for Grants 2018-19.For details view Circular No.42/2018/Fin Dated 09/05/2018
Measures to streamline liquidity management for
Government have issued general instructions with immediate effect pertaining to treasury transactions to streamline the liquidity management of the state. For details view Circular No 40/2018/Fin Dated 07/05/2018
Bills in the Treasury Queue-
Last date for re-submission
Government have issued instructions to all Drawing and Disbursing Officers to complete the procedures in connection with reprocessing of bills placed under treasury queue on or before 31st May,2018.For details view Circular No 38/2018/Fin Dated 30/04/2018
Pay Revision 2014- Arrears -   3 rd Installment 
The option for  processing the 3 rd installment of Pay Revision arrears in accordance with GO(P)No.50/2018/Fin Dated 26/03/ 2016 has been enabled in SPARK. For details view  Circular No 34/2018/Fin dated 23/04/2018